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Essential GRE Vocab list 1 Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

essential vocabulary for GRE

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


* indicates that the word belongs to one or more fields

Words related to Unpred­ict­ability

whim­sical (adj)
odd and fanciful ideas;
unpred­ictable behaviour
capr­icious (adj)
sudden change in behaviour
sporadic (adj)
unevenly periodic
merc­urial (adj)
Prone to unexpected mood changes
betray (v)
Reveal uninte­nti­onally

Words related to Indiff­erence

equa­nimity (n)
calm; neither upset nor angry
phle­gmatic (adj)
calm; unemot­ional dispos­ition
disi­nte­rested (adj)
impers­onal; not interested

Words related to Enhanc­ement and Weakening

degrade (v)*
make quality worse;
treat poorly without respect
relegate (v)
banish to an inferior position
bolster (v)
improve something
unde­rmine (v)
make gradually weaker,
especially confidence or authority
whet (v)
sharpen knife (or skills)
impede (v)
obstruct progress
qualify (v)
Make less severe
galv­anize (v)
Excite or inspire
torpor (n)
Inactivity due to lack of energy
exac­erbate (v)
Make worse

Words related to feeling

penitent (adj)
feeling sorry for mistakes
fervid (adj)
showing strong feelings
elated (adj)
very happy
frac­tious (adj)
difficult to control
impl­acable (adj)
with strong emotions
that are impossible to be changed
disg­runtled (adj)
angry or dissat­isfied
wan (adj)
pale as if due to illness or stress
ambi­valent (adj)
Mixed or confli­cting emotions
restive (adj)
bucolic (adj)
Relating to pleasant aspects of the country
mawkish (adj)
Overly sentim­ental in a disgusting way
pred­ile­ction (n)
A strong liking

Words related to Deception

dupl­icity (n)
dishonest and deceptive behaviour
furtive (adj)
behave in a secretive way
belie (v)*
give a false impression of something;
show that something is false
glib (v)*
talk smoothly without thought,
usually not sincere
prev­aricate (v)
Speak evasively

Words related to harm

exac­erbate (v)
make a problem worse
virulent (adj)
(of venom) lethal
pern­icious (adj)
harmful behaviour
egre­gious (adj)
extremely bad
acrimony (n)
Ill will
calumny (n)
Act of making a false statement to injure reputation

Words related to writing or speech or argument

glib (v)*
talk smoothly without
thought, usually not sincere
demur (v)
politely disagree with
someone's statement
gist (n)
general meaning of a piece
of text or speech
abjure (v)
formally renounce a belief etc.
plat­itude (n)
a remark used too often
hence uninte­resting
corr­oborate (v)
confirm or support a finding
fall­acious (adj)
faulty in logic
garr­ulous (adj)
extremely talkative
laconic (adj)
Using few words
voluble (adj)
fluent in speech
abridge (v)
simplify parts of text or speech
germane (adj)
relevant to the context
cont­rov­ersial (adj)
causing public disagr­eement
feli­citous (adj)
well chosen; pleasing
refute (v)
counter an argument
vind­icare (n)
To clear blame by proof
elicit (v)
draw a response
harangue (n)
Long pompous speech
tirade (n)
Long pompous speech
maintain (v)
quer­ulous (adj)
Habitually compla­ining
voci­ferous (adj)
Offens­ively loud
gainsay (v)
Speak against
reticent (adj)
Disinc­lined to talk

Words related to Disrespect

degrade (v)*
make quality worse;
treat poorly without respect
effr­ontery (n)
rudeness without shame
impious (adj)
lack of respect for God and religion
flout (v)
disres­pecting the law by not obeying
impe­rtinent (adj)
Bold and disres­pectful

Words that mean reproach

Upbraid (v)
Censure (v)
Castigate (v)

Words related to attention and carele­ssness

amor­phous (adj)

Synonyms and antonyms of wasteful

Prodigal (adj)
Parsim­onious (adj)
Profligate (adj,n)
Rustic (adj)

Words related to existence

extant (n)
Docs still in existence

Words related to corruption

venality (n)
Suscep­tible to bribes

Words related to goodness

comm­ens­urate (adj)
To be in proportion
vera­cious (adj)
inge­nuous (adj)
Naive and innocent
inno­cuous (adj)
gossamer (adj)

Words related to abnorm­ality

icon­oclast (n)
Who opposes tradii­tions
aber­ration (n)

Words related to scope

paro­chial (adj)
Narrow in scope
pres­cience (n)
Ability to foresee
inex­orable (adj)
Impossible to prevent

Words related to skill

culm­inate (v)
Reach the highest point
meti­culous (adj)
Attention to details

Words related to common­place

banal (adj)
Repeated too often

Synonyms and antonyms of abundance

Glut (n)
Wanting (adj)

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