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Essential GRE Vocab list 1 Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

essential vocabulary for GRE

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


* indicates that the word belongs to one or more fields

Words related to Unpred­ict­ability

whimsical (adj)
odd and fanciful ideas;
unpred­ictable behaviour
capricious (adj)
sudden change in behaviour
sporadic (adj)
unevenly periodic
mercurial (adj)
Prone to unexpected mood changes
betray (v)
Reveal uninte­nti­onally

Words related to Indiff­erence

equanimity (n)
calm; neither upset nor angry
phlegmatic (adj)
calm; unemot­ional dispos­ition
disint­erested (adj)
impers­onal; not interested

Words related to Enhanc­ement and Weakening

degrade (v)*
make quality worse;
treat poorly without respect
relegate (v)
banish to an inferior position
bolster (v)
improve something
undermine (v)
make gradually weaker,
especially confidence or authority
whet (v)
sharpen knife (or skills)
impede (v)
obstruct progress
qualify (v)
Make less severe
galvanize (v)
Excite or inspire
torpor (n)
Inactivity due to lack of energy
exacerbate (v)
Make worse

Words related to feeling

penitent (adj)
feeling sorry for mistakes
fervid (adj)
showing strong feelings
elated (adj)
very happy
fractious (adj)
difficult to control
implacable (adj)
with strong emotions
that are impossible to be changed
disgru­ntled (adj)
angry or dissat­isfied
wan (adj)
pale as if due to illness or stress
ambivalent (adj)
Mixed or confli­cting emotions
restive (adj)
bucolic (adj)
Relating to pleasant aspects of the country
mawkish (adj)
Overly sentim­ental in a disgusting way
predil­ection (n)
A strong liking

Words related to Deception

duplicity (n)
dishonest and deceptive behaviour
furtive (adj)
behave in a secretive way
belie (v)*
give a false impression of something;
show that something is false
glib (v)*
talk smoothly without thought,
usually not sincere
prevar­icate (v)
Speak evasively

Words related to harm

exacerbate (v)
make a problem worse
virulent (adj)
(of venom) lethal
pernicious (adj)
harmful behaviour
egregious (adj)
extremely bad
acrimony (n)
Ill will
calumny (n)
Act of making a false statement to injure reputation

Words related to writing or speech or argument

glib (v)*
talk smoothly without
thought, usually not sincere
demur (v)
politely disagree with
someone's statement
gist (n)
general meaning of a piece
of text or speech
abjure (v)
formally renounce a belief etc.
platitude (n)
a remark used too often
hence uninte­resting
corrob­orate (v)
confirm or support a finding
fallacious (adj)
faulty in logic
garrulous (adj)
extremely talkative
laconic (adj)
Using few words
voluble (adj)
fluent in speech
abridge (v)
simplify parts of text or speech
germane (adj)
relevant to the context
contro­versial (adj)
causing public disagr­eement
felicitous (adj)
well chosen; pleasing
refute (v)
counter an argument
vindicare (n)
To clear blame by proof
elicit (v)
draw a response
harangue (n)
Long pompous speech
tirade (n)
Long pompous speech
maintain (v)
querulous (adj)
Habitually compla­ining
vociferous (adj)
Offens­ively loud
gainsay (v)
Speak against
reticent (adj)
Disinc­lined to talk

Words related to Disrespect

degrade (v)*
make quality worse;
treat poorly without respect
effrontery (n)
rudeness without shame
impious (adj)
lack of respect for God and religion
flout (v)
disres­pecting the law by not obeying
impert­inent (adj)
Bold and disres­pectful

Words related to common­place

banal (adj)
Repeated too often

Words related to skill

culminate (v)
Reach the highest point
meticulous (adj)
Attention to details

Synonyms and antonyms of abundance

Glut (n)
Wanting (adj)

Words related to scope

parochial (adj)
Narrow in scope
prescience (n)
Ability to foresee
inexorable (adj)
Impossible to prevent

Words related to abnorm­ality

iconoclast (n)
Who opposes tradii­tions
aberration (n)

Words related to goodness

commen­surate (adj)
To be in proportion
veracious (adj)
ingenuous (adj)
Naive and innocent
innocuous (adj)
gossamer (adj)

Words related to corruption

venality (n)
Suscep­tible to bribes

Words related to existence

extant (n)
Docs still in existence

Synonyms and antonyms of wasteful

Prodigal (adj)
Parsim­onious (adj)
Profligate (adj,n)
Rustic (adj)

Words related to attention and carele­ssness

amorphous (adj)

Words that mean reproach

Upbraid (v)
Censure (v)
Castigate (v)