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Assassins creed Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Assassins Creed 3: Liberations

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Part of the assins creed franchise
Assassins creed 3: Liberation is a spinoff to the game assassins creed 3
Ubisoft is the publisher of the game
Ubisoft are a very large global company, with alot of recources, staff and money
By having alot of money it shall help alot with distro­bution; It means that they can distrobute this product in a global and competive fashion
They shall have alot of money for marketing


Ubisoft released a promo with alot of gameplay footage
Gameplay footage is essential for video games since people want to see what the game will look like when it is played
There was also alot of cinimi­tog­raphy within the trailer making it feel more epic and appealing to audiences who like big budget tripple A games
Posters: They had a variety of posters for assassins creed 3 liberation with the posters having alot of intert­extual references to the other assassin creed games (Poses and styles) appealing to a pre-sold audience


Assassin creed 3: Liberation was exclus­ively released on the PS vita which was a handheld console and was knew
If people wanted to buy the console there was a very small catoogue of games to choose from
The handheld games console has been increa­singly populor over the years from the gameboy, to the ds, to the vita and to the switch/ steamdeck

Age rating

It used to be quite difficult to aquire 18 rated games but now due to techno­logical conver­gance it is much easier for underage people to play the game


By children consumg violent video games like assassins creed it may make them violent and aggressive due to them using the game as a role-model


The games protag­onist was a female character called Avaline
Quite unusal as well as being mixed race (Under­rep­res­ented or repres­ented sterot­ypical ways)
In assassin creed 3:Libe­ration avaline is presented as being strong and powerful doing most of the killing

Profit and power

Most Large companies are attempting to maximize their profit
Hesmanhal and curren and seaton


When new technology was availible they remastered Assassins creed 3: Liberation in HD and re-rel­eased it
This meant that alot of dedicated fans bought it again to get the higher quality version