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Google Home for the Kitchen Cheat Sheet by

A Cheat Sheet for common Google Home commands that I use specifically for the kitchen.


"How many grams in a pound?­"
"How many ounces in a cup?"
"How many pints in a quart?­"
"How many quarts in a gallon­?"
"How many teaspoons in a tables­poo­n?"
"­Convert Celsius to Fahren­hei­t?"


"How do I make _____?­"
"Find recipes for _____"
"­Nearby restaurant for _____"


"How much sugar is in _____?­"
"How much protein is in _____?­"
"How much fiber is in _____?­"
"How much soduim is in _____?­"
"How many calories are in _____?­"


"Set timer for X secs/m­ins­/hr­s"
"Set another timer for X secs/m­ins­/hr­s"
"­Pause timer"
"­Resume timer"
"­Cancel timer"
"Stop timer"


"Turn volume up/dow­n"
"­Tra­nslate _____ into Chines­e"

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