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Git Essentials Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Git daily command

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Git Stash

Stash unfinished work
git stash or git stash save "­mes­sag­e"
List of stash
git stash list
Checkout or restore stash & then delete
git stash pop or git stash pop <st­ash>
Delete stash
git stash drop or git stash drop <st­ash>
To delete all stash
git stash clear
To apply a stash
git stash apply <st­ash­@>
git stash pop and git stash drop would take action on the last stash, where a specific stash is not indicated.

Git Branch

Create a branch
git branch <branch name>
Create and checkout to branch
git checkout -b <branch new>
List branches from local repo
git branch
List branches from remote repo
git branch -a
Rename a branch
git branch -m <ol­dna­me> <ne­wna­me>
Switch or checkout to a branch
git checkout <branch name>
Delete branch locally
git branch -d <branch name>
Delete branch remotely
git push origin --delete <br­anc­h_n­ame>
Merge branches into a current branch
git merge <branch to merge>
By analogy, a branch is more like a module. A commit is more like a sub module. You would typically want to use a branch to create a feature set, a part of the program with multiple sub part. Etc

How To

Discard uncommit changes
git checkout .
Solve Merge conflict by discarding uncommited changes
git reset && git checkout . [reset will unstage, and checkout will discard)

Git commit

List all commits under the current branch
git log
List all commits ever made
git reflog
Make a commit
git commit -m "­commit messag­e"
Amend commit
git commit --amend "­amend messag­e"
Remove / forget a tracked file
git rm --cached <fi­le>

Git stage

Stage a file i.e add file to staging
git add <file name>
List stage and unstage files
git status
Stage all files
git add .
Unstage a file
git reset <file name | path to file> or git rm —cached <file name | path to file>
Remove files from staging
git checkout -- <file name | path to file>

Git merge

List branches that are merged into the current branch
git branch —merged
Abort or quit a merge
git merge —abort
List branches that hasn't been merged yet LOCALLY
git branch --no-m­erged
List branch that hasn't been merged yet REMOTELY
git branch -r --merged
At different point, remember to merge often into master after testing out

Git Remote

Push all of your local branches to the specified remote.
git push <re­mot­e> --all
Fetch a particualr branch on the remote
git fetch <branch name>
Fetch and prune at the same time
git fetch -p
Prune fetch config­uration
git config --global fetch.p­rune true

Git log

Show all logged commit
git log
Show all commit of a particular branch
git log <branch name>
Show all commit in remote branch
git log <re­mot­e/b­ranch name>

General knowledge

List of git alias
git alias
Config an alias
git config —global alias.a­li­asname “the command e.g commit”
List all git config
git config —list

Soft reset will basically reset your head pointer to a hash in time in such a way that your working index are preserved and your working directory are overwr­itten. (v)

The Mixed reset will basically cause your staging index unstage, and your working directory overwr­itten. (V)

The hard reset will revert to a point in time, and overwrite both your working directory and staging index. (V)

Undo Changes

Undo current change and revert back to a more recent commit
git checkout -- <file name | path to file>
This will basic discard all changes and revert back to a point of most recent commit

Git diff | comparism

Compare branches
git diff <br­anc­hA> <br­anc­hB>
Compare commit
git diff <co­mmi­t1> <co­mmi­t2>
Compare working directory with staged files/­index
git diff —staged
Compare a commit with a file / narrow the diff in a commit to what changed in file
git diff commit1 filena­me.ext
Compare a commit with HEAD
git diff commit <HE­AD>
Compare commits side by side in oneline
git diff <commit a> <commit b> --word­-di­ff=­color