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Cloud Security Issues – What You Need To Know Cheat Sheet by


With the incredible rise in multiple wireless devices, people have sought a new way to sync all of their devices with a virtual server. One of the most popular virtual servers is Apple’s Cloud server. This virtual, or Wi-Fi, server allows most Apple devices to become synced with one another. That means that the songs on an iPod can be sent to your iPhone through use of cloud storage. What becomes the most important issue is cloud security. What do you need to know about cloud security measures to protect your devices?


Hackers are people that break into servers and take them over or crash them. Any server holds a lot of inform­ation, and a cloud server for a huge company like Apple would have massive server capabi­lities. Hackers of varying degrees, and for different reasons, would love to hack into a company’s cloud computing capabi­lities and cause havoc. Imagine how panicked everyone is when their cellphone service is interr­upted and they cannot text or receive calls.


In conclu­sion, what you need to know is that any virtual server is vulnerable to attack. It is up to the cloud company to have the strictest and most up-to-date security measures to protect their customers data. Techni­cally speaking, any server is vulnerable as is any device that works through wave techno­logy. Make sure that your data is backed up, if possible, on your personal computer or laptop, so that if your cloud server is hacked you have all of your precious data backed up.



Certain hackers take great pride and joy in disrupting the most basic of services and watching the panic ensue. If a hacker was able to hack into a cloud server, they could do several things. First, they could erase or damage much of the inform­ation that is stored on a cloud server. Business documents, songs, playlists, and much more could be lost forever or hidden. Second, some hackers are trying to steal inform­ation about other people or companies and will sell that inform­ation to other hackers, or even other countries. These countries or hackers would love to know the inner workings of a particular company or server and will pay big money for the inform­ation to be sent to them.


Almost all manufa­cturing systems use a cloud server to buy android app reviews and to help sync all of their customer’s devices. We live in a copycat world and everyone has gone to a remote server that is virtual. Virtual meaning that like a cloud in the sky, wherever you can connect to Wi-Fi you can download inform­ation to any of your Wi-Fi capable devices. Now, anything that is Wi-Fi capable must have a security system. If you have ever had a wireless router at your home, you know that it should be password protected or anyone can log on and use your IP address. Cloud computing and storage present a similar risk but on a much larger scale. Not only must you have proper log-on protec­tions, firewalls, and difficult to mimic passwords, but the cloud server must take similar precau­tions.


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