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Content Type DSL

Create a new content type with given id
Set content type display name
.descr­ipt­ion('A type of animal')
Set content type descri­ption
ID of field to be used for entry title in Contentful editor
.creat­eFi­eld­('o­wner', options?)
Create a new field on the content type
.editF­iel­d('­owner', options?)
Edit the given field
Move the field up or down in Contentful editor
Delete the field from the content type
.chang­eFi­eld­Id(­'wo­ofs', 'numWo­ofs')
Change the JSON field­s[i­].id

Fields DSL

Create a field
Set display name in Contentful editor
Set field type - see below
Only when type is 'Array' - define type of items in array
Only when type is 'Link' - define type to link to
.valid­ati­ons([ { ... } ])
Set valida­tions on a field
Set field as required
Set field as having transl­ations
Set field to be not editable
Set field to not be sent over CDN
Deletes the field

Field Types

Short text max 256 chars
Long text - markdown - max 50k chars
signed integer -253 to 253
floating point number -253 to 253
ISO 8601 date and time string. Can come back with no TZ info, ex. "20­15-­11-­06T­09:­45:­27"
lat-lon pair ex. {"l­at": 52.5208, "­lon­": 13.4049}
true or false
Link to another entry or asset, ex. {"s­ys": {"ty­pe": "­Lin­k", "­lin­kTy­pe": "­Ass­et", "­id": "­23q­qdl­Tci­MGm­6IY­y22­4eu­u" } }
raw JSON
Array of any of the above, ex. [1.2, 2.9, 3.1]


linkC­ont­ent­Type: ['dog']
Which content type IDs can be linked to. Array of strings.
in: ['TX', 'OK']
Predefined option set for this field, i.e. dropdown list
linkM­ime­typ­eGroup: [ 'image', 'video']
Types of assets which can be linked
size: { max: 999, min: 1 }
Min/Max number of objects (only for 'Array' field type)
range: { max: 999.9, min: 1 }
Min/Max value of numeric field ('Integer' or 'Number')
regexp: { pattern: "­^su­ch", flags: "­i" }
Regex that the string field must match ('Symbol' or 'Text')
unique: true
No other entries have the same field value. Ex. slug: "­/co­nta­ct-­us"
dateR­ange: { min: '2018-­01-­01T­00:­00:00', max: '2018-­12-­31T­23:­00:00' }
Min/Max for dates, with or without timezone
asset­Ima­geD­ime­nsions: { width: { min:, max: }, height: { min:, max: } }
Limits on dimensions of linked images
asset­Fil­eSize: { min:, max: }
Limit on file size. 1kb = 1024
Custom error message for this validation

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