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Mac shortcut keys Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Most useful Mac shortcut keys

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Mac OSX Power and Boot

Force Mac restart
⌘^ PowerB­utton
Put Mac to sleep
⌘⌥ PowerB­utton
Display sleep
⇧^ PowerB­utton
Log off now
⌘⇧⌥ Q

Mac OSX Boot

Safe Mode
Boot Manager
Boot for USB/CD
Diagno­stics (internet)
D (⌥ D)
OS X Recovery (internet)
⌘R (⌘⌥ R)
Target Disk
Verbose mode
When it doesn't work
Reset NVRAM (until 2nd bip)
⌘⌥ P R
SMC Reset (fixed battery)
⇧^⌥ Power
SMC Reset (remove battery)
Power 5s

Mac OSX Shortcuts

Full Screen
Close front window
Quit front applic­ation
Force Quit
⌘⌥ ESC
Screenshot (selec­tion)

Mac OSX Alfred Shortcuts

⌥ Space
Alfred Clipboard
^⌥ Space

Mac OSX Better Touch Tool

Close front window
Top Left Triangle
Close front applic­ation
Top Right Triangle
Mute / Unmute
Open / Go to Evernote
⇧^ E
Open / Go to Licecap
⇧^ L
Open / Go to Path Finder
⇧^ P
Open / Go to VLC
⇧^ V