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You’re standing in a long line at the grocery store, they are having problems with their registers and it is almost dinner time. You have your daughter in the cart that starts to realize she is getting hungry and bored. She starts moving around and complaining, which you know are the signs that if you don’t do something now, a meltdown is about to happen. What do you do? Reach for your iPhone and put on one of these fun learning apps: problem solved.


If you have a child, you know this situation all to well. Whether it is at the grocery store or Walmart, meltdowns happen and if you can prevent them. Great! These top 5 kids educat­ional apps will surely help you in those situat­ions. They are fun for your kids, educat­ional and good for your peace of mind.

ABC Animals — $1.99

This is the perfect app to help introduce and teach the alphabet to your child. It is just like flash cards, each card has the upper and lower case letter along with a picture that starts with that letter. There is also a voice that tells them the letter and the animal name. Another awesome feature is when you double tap the card… It flips over and the voice now tells you the letter sound and shows you the stroke order to write the letter. Your child can actually practice writing that letter on the stroke pattern!

First Words: Deluxe — $4.99

This version contains all of the subjects on vehicles, colors, animals, at home, and shapes. They can choose a specific subject or they can choose a combin­ation of all the words. This app shows them words that are in a shadow form on the top, the letter tiles are scrambled below. It is their job to put the letters in order to form the word. There is also a picture of the word. When touching the tiles, a voice tells them what that letter is. When the letters are arranged correctly, the voice then spells it out and says the word. Excellent app to help reinforce letter recogn­ition, letter sounds, and beginning to famili­arize with words.

Jungle Time — $0.99

This app exposes kids to a tradit­ional clock and teaches them how to tell time. Nowadays, kids mostly see only digital clocks, so they think there is no need to learn how to tell time the old fashioned way. That is where they are wrong, kids are still taught how to tell time in school, but not long enough. Some kids catch on quickly, while others don’t quite grasp the concept in time. This app teaches them how to tell time in a fun manner. With the animal faces and the jungle sounds, kids have fun learning this time old tradit­ional clock.

K12 Timed Reading — $1.99

There is a big focus on making sure every child in school learns how to read fluently. They are to read at least one book every night. They are also given timed tests to see how many words they can read correctly in one minute. This app helps them practice to get reading more fluently by repeti­tion. You can track different kids at the same time, it will keep a log on what passages they read and how many words per minute.

A Life Cycle App — $0.99

This is a very inform­ative and intera­ctive app. It teaches your child, and you too, about the different life cycles. It contains the cycles of a frog, a butterfly, a plant, a rock, the water, nitrogen, and oxygen. It also has the phases of the moon, pollin­ation and fertil­iza­tion, and photos­ynt­hesis. After they click on the one that they want to learn about, it goes to a picture chart showing that certain life cycle. They can then turn the pages in which they will go over each step in the cycle with a voice narrator explaining them thoroughly and in terms that they can unders­tand. You do have the option of turning of the voice and they can read the text explan­ation themse­lves.


Those are the top app downloads — 5 educat­ional apps that I approve as well as my 3 children approve. I have spent countless hours searching through the many apps in the app store and oh how I wish I could play with the apps before purchasing them. Unfort­unately that is not allowed. Therefore, I feel that I should share my knowledge with you so that you don’t have to go and purchase apps that don’t turn out to be very good. I hope you and your children will enjoy these apps as we have.


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