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UNT1: Early Econo Development & Emergence of Trade Cheat Sheet by

1. Self Suffic­iency and Dependance on Agricu­lture

1. The earliest commun­ities were self sufficient societies. They were hunter - gatherers and moved around to find resources to provide for themse­lves.
2. Later people domest­icated animals and set up farms in one area. Here they produces good for themselves and grazing for their cattle. They provided only for themse­lves.
3. Ex. of self sufficient societies today: The San (Botswana & Namibia); The Himba (Namibia) and The Masai (Kenya & Tanzania)

2. Bartering, Trade & the Emergence of Money

1. People started to specialise in certain tasks. (E.g. Making cloths, farming with animals etc.) This caused for them to produce a surplus.
2. The system of bartering was set up so that people could trade their surplus. People may have specia­lised in one area and struggled with another, this caused for them to swap for their neighbour.
Limita­tions Regarding Bartering
a) Both parties must want to swap, b) agree on how much to swap for another product and c) Some products are difficult to divide.
Advantages of Money Over Bartering
a) You can hold and accumulate money, b) you can divide money into smaller units c) money holds it's value so people don't need to use it immedi­ately.

3. Language, Skills and Learning

1. At first minimal language was only needed to commun­icate with family and neighb­ours. This changed when specia­lis­ation and trade came about as there was a need to teach and negotiate.
2. Initially people only needed skills which would help them secure food and water and parents would teach children these skills. Eventu­ally, with the system of bartering, specia­lis­ation become more popular.
3. Training was needed for specia­lis­ation in different fields.

4. Wealth power and accumu­lation

Self Sufficient society
The strongest people were the most powerful. (They could fight) + wealth was counted in baterable items such as cattle.
Mordern Society
Wealth and Power usually go hand in and.

Masai People of Kenya



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