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The Layers of the Sun Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Inner Core

Core = 15,000,000 C
The core is 25% of the diameter (1,390,000 km)
Core is ionized gas
pressure causes the core is <10 times as dense as iron

The Photos­phere

temp: 6,000 C
gases from convective zone
Photos­phere = "­sphere of light"
Energy is given through visible light

The Corona

Temp: 1,000,000 C
a crown of light
magnetic field from corona can stop most subatomic particles
ions stream out as corona expands = solar wind
Corona and the Chromo­sphere are usually not visible from Earth, but a solar eclipse will cause corona to be visible.

The Radiative Zone

Temp: 2,000,000 C - 7,000,000 C
the energy from the inner core radiates out to the radiative zone
The energy is in electr­oma­gnetic waves or radiation

The Layers of the Sun


Temp: 3,800 C
Appear in photos­phere
diameter = 100,000 km
Movement of gases cause magnetic fields
Magnetic fields cause slower convection
Slower convection = decrease in transf­erring energy
Less energy transfer = 3,000 C cooler
Granul­ation is the grainy appearance

The Convective Zone

Temp: 2,000,000 C
Energy is produced through convection
gases carry energy to the surface (outward expansion = loss of energy)
cooling gases are denser and sink and "­mel­t" again

The Chromo­sphere

temp: 4,000 C - 50,000 C
Chromo­sphere = color sphere
thin layer of gas with reddish glow (hydrogen)
Gases creates solar flares
Solar flares up to 16,000 km
measure wavele­ngths of light is blocked


1 rotation = 25.3 Earth days
1 rotation = 33 Earth days
1 rotation = 27 Earth days