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Blue Prism Internal Business Objects Cheat Sheet by


Add Working Days
Count Working Days In Range
Get Other Holidays In Range
Get Public Holidays In Range
Get Working Days In Range
Is Other Holiday
Is Public Holiday
Is Weekend
Is Working Day


Add Row
Copy Rows
Count Columns
Count Rows
Remove All Rows
Remove Row


Generate and Set
Generate Password
Get Property
Mark as Invalid
Set Property


Decrypt Binary
Decrypt Collection
Decrypt Date
Decrypt DateTime
Decrypt Flag
Decrypt Number
Decrypt Password
Decrypt Text
Decrypt Time
Decrypt TimeSpan
Encrypt Binary
Encrypt Collection
Encrypt Date
Encrypt DateTime
Encrypt Flag
Encrypt Number
Encrypt Password
Encrypt Text
Encrypt Time
Encrypt TimeSpan

Enviro­nment Locking

Acquire Lock
Query Lock
Release Lock

Work Queues

Add To Queue
Copy Item to Queue
Delete Item
Delete Processed Items
Get Completed Items
Get Exception Items
Get Item Data
Get Locked Items
Get Next Item
Get Pending Items
Get Queue Names
Get Report Data
Get Transa­ction Data
Is Item In Queue
Mark Completed
Mark Exception
Set Data
Set Priority
Tag Item
Unlock Item
Untag Item
Update Status


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