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My vim cheat sheet. Commonly used ones.


:vsplit other-­fil­e.txt
open new file in another vertical split window
:split other-­fil­e.txt
open new file in another horizo­ntally split window
move current cursor to the next opened split window
move to the begining of file
move to the bottom of file
move one word to the right
move one word backward to the left
show main help file
:help 'cm'
show help file for cryptm­ethod
:help set
show help file for set


save changes
quit and override
:setlocal cm=blo­wfish
set crypt method to blowfish
encrypt file
:X key=
remove encryption

Editing Enviro­nment

:set number
enable line numbers
:set colorc­olu­mn=100
create a ruler guide at column 100
:syntax off
turn off syntax highli­ghting
:set tabstop=4
configure tab spacing
:set shiftw­idth=4
configure tab spacing
:set expandtab
configure tab spacing


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