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stratagem Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

assortment of stratagem.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

goodharts law

when a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.

revenue drivers

sales are made on impulse (limited editions induce fomo)
concen­trate on adjacent and synergies that increase cash flow pools and revenue overall.

expired domains

- SEO advantages (backl­inks, authority, traffic)
- Ranking faster
- 301 redirect usage

go to market (gtm)


revenue model (card)

- transa­ction fee (swipe fee)
- annual, foreign transa­ction, late and over-t­he-­limit fees
- consumer carried debt
- discount revenues (58% TAR)
- charge a premium to merchant to accept cards
- closed loop system (how much the consumer spends is usually more important than the number of transa­ctions made)
spend-­centric model*

B2B Saas

availa­bility (avoid product not working when customers need the most)
security (no account breaches)
control (do not have to reach out to support for every single thing)
trust is the key to keeping customers happy

decision making tree

should be ROI centric*


Buy up drugs that have been abandoned by other companies for pennies on the dollar and tries to bring them new life. It’s an ethical problem of an undera­ppr­eciate magnitude. So many drugs that would have been of use to society are cast aside. Certain drugs have gone by the wayside for reasons that have nothing to do with their underlying merits.

Various field have been largely ignored by biopharma and we have a real opport­unity here to draw attention to it, to get investment in this space and really start to welcome innovative therapies for women with these diseases

Use fresh funding to launch new companies outside of tradit­ional biopha­rma­ceu­tical develo­pment.

Attract world-­class talent in its pursuit of developing and commer­cia­lising drugs that target large unmet medical needs.

pitch decks

- psycho­log­ically, it is easier to make the reader focus on the things he needs to be focused on. In decks, it's the numbers.
- make it clear what the venture does and why a potential investor should read on.
- numbers, growth, and profits are the foundation and emotional peak of any deck.