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RHEL Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

RedHat Enterprise Linux

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


User Group World
rwx rwx rwx
chmod 777 filename
rwx rwx r-x
chmod 775 filename
rwx r-x r-x
chmod 755 filename
rw- rw- r--
chmod 664 filename
rw- r-- r--
chmod 644 filename
r = Readable w = writable x = executable - = no permission

To get a combin­ation, just add them up. For example, to get read, write, execute by owner, read, execute, by group, and execute by anybody, you would add 400+20­0+1­00+­040­+01­0+001 to give 751.

Process Management

Show snapshot of processes
Show real time processes
kill pid
Kill process with id pid
pkill name
Kill process with name name
killall name
Kill all processes with names beginning name

File Operations

touch file1
Create file1
mv file1 file2
Move file1 to file2
cat file1 file2
Concat-enate files
rm file1
*Delete file1
less file1
View and paginate file1
head file1
Show first 10 lines of file1
file file1
Get type of file1
tail file1
Show last 10 lines of file1
cp file1 file2
Copy file1 to file2
tail -f file1
Output of file1 as it changes