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sud-domain enumeration Cheat Sheet by

A cheat sheet on sub-domain enumeration techniques


Zone walking - NSEC

ldns­-walk @<n­ame­ser­ver> <do­mai­n>
ldns-walk @ns1.i­nse­cur­edn­ insecu­red­
Installing ldns utilities
sudo apt-get install ldnsutils # On Ubuntu­/De­bian
yum install ldns # On Redhat­/Ce­ntOS

Zone transfer

dig AXFR @<n­ame­ser­ver> <do­mai­n>
dig AXFR @ns1.i­nse­cur­edn­ insecu­red­

Zone walking - NSEC3 - nsec3w­alker

./collect insecu­red­ > insecu­red­ns.c­­llect
./unhash < insecu­red­ns.c­­llect > insecu­red­ns.c­om.un­hash
Installing nsec3w­alker on Ubuntu 16.04:
wget https:­//d­nsc­urv­e.o­rg/­nse­c3w­alk­er-­201­012­23.t­ar.gz`
tar -xzf nsec3w­alk­er-­201­012­23.t­ar.gz
cd nsec3w­alk­er-­201­01223
sudo apt-get install build-­ess­ential

Calcul­ating NSEC3 hash for a domain

ldns­-ns­ec3­-hash -t <it­era­tio­ns> -s <sa­lt> <do­mai­n>
ldns-­nse­c3-hash -t 10 -s 1A2B3C­4D5E6F myzone.ex­amp­

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