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Mac Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

General Common Shortcuts

Undo last command
Cmd - Z
Redo last Undo
Cmd - Shift - Z
New Document or Window
Cmd - N
Cmd - P
Save current document
Cmd - S
Minimize current Window
Cmd - M
Close active Window or Document
Cmd - W
Open Prefer­ences for active app
Cmd - ,
Quit current App
Cmd - Q
Force Quit Current App
(hold 3 sec) Cmd - Shift - Opt - Esc
Quit all apps & Shut Down
Cmd - Opt - Ctrl - Power
Select Desktop Folder in Save
Cmd - D
Force Quit
Cmd - Opt - esc


Show/Hide Sidebar
Cmd - Opt - S
Show/Hide Toolbar (on top)
Cmd - Opt - T
Quick look @ highli­ghted file
Spacebar or Cmd - Y or 3-finger tap
Find File
Cmd - F

Cut / Copy / Paste

Cmd - X
Cmd - C
Cmd - V
Paste & Match Style Format
Cmd - Opt - Shift - V
Copy Style Format
Cmd - Opt - C
Apply Copied Style to item
Cmd - Opt - V

Typing (Safari, Mail, TextEdit)

Go to end of line
Cmd - RightArrow
Go to beginning of line
Cmd - LeftArrow
Go to End of All text
Cmd - DownArrow
Go to Start of All text
Cmd - UpArrow
Delete to the Right
fn - Delete
Delete Word to the Left
Option - Delete
Display Emoji pop-up
Cmd - Control - Spacebar


Whole Screen
Cmd - Shift - 3
Select area (brings up crosshair)
Cmd - Shift - 4
Selected Window
Cmd -Shift - 4 then Spacebar