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Top Luxury Swimwear Brands Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

If you like luxury swimwear, these are the brand names you need to follow

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

What do you consider luxury swimwear?

Is your swimwear hand-made or hand-f­ini­shed? Has it been carefully designed and created 'with love' using quality fabrics only? There you have it: it's a luxury swimwear.

Desinger swimsuits and bikinis...

... are unique and elegant. Ideal for a Wow effect
... aren't produced in mass
... aren't made of cheap materials
... have 'a soul'. This is, they've been designed by a creative person or team, with so much care and love
... adapt the design to each size and, even, cup size
... have patterns that adapt to each size and style, for a perfect match


Designed in Israel, Gottex has some stunning luxury swimwear collec­tions. From the minima­l-i­nspired Gottex Profile, to the exclusive Gottex Couture.

Gottex Cruise

Source: Gottex

Profile by Gottex

Gottex Couture

Forever Unique

You can notice it, right? Forever Unique does a little bit of swimwear, but their forty is their stunning beachwear.

Roidal Swimwear

Roidal Swimwear is a fabulous brand of luxury designer swimwear. They design and manufa­cture all their designs from Tarragona, in Spain. Colourful swimsuits and bikinis, with matching beachwear for the ultimate beach glam look. Ideal to take on a cruise or to an exclusive holiday destin­ation. Read more about Roidal Swimwear

Maryan Mehlhorn

German manufa­cturer of beautiful swimwear and bikinis. This little floral bikini is one of our favour­ites. Buy amazing bikinis here.


Young and colourful, Watercult is one of the youngest brands of swimwear we stock at our swimwear store UK Swimwear.


Miracl­esuit is the best-known brand of Tummy-­Control swimsuits