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Use of Croatian Cases (without prepositions) Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

Common uses of Cases in Croatian

Nominative (N) = the dictionary form

• subjects: Ana jede. Ana is eating.
• with the verb biti be: Ona je gladna. She's hungry.
• with some other verbs:
   Ona se zove Ana. Her name is Ana.
   Postajem star. I'm getting old.

Dative­/Lo­cative (DL)

• recipi­ents: Poslao sam pismo Ani. I sent a letter to Ana.
• motion to a person: Trčim Ani. I'm running to Ana.
• to express emotions and feelings:
   Ani je hladno. Ana is cold.
   Ani je dosadno. Ana is bored
• with the verb sviđati se like and similar verbs:
   Ani se sviđa Ivan. Ana likes Ivan.
• possession of body parts and kin, when used as objects:
   Perem Ani kosu. I'm washing Ana's hair.
• with some verbs:
   Pas pripada Ani. The dog belongs to Ana.
   Pomažem Ani. I'm helping Ana.

Instru­mental (I)

• tools: Pišem olovkom. I'm writing with a pen.
• means: Putuje vlakom. *He's travelling on a train.
• events repeating on days of week:
   Plešemo subotom. We dance on Saturdays.
• indefinite time: Putovali smo danima. We travelled for days.
• with some verbs: Bavim se crtanjem. I do drawing.

Accusative (A)

• objects: Pas gleda Anu. A dog is watching Ana.
• time periods (must contain a 'measure'):
   Živio sam tamo jednu godinu. I lived there for a year.
• with verbs expressing pain, itch and discomfort:
   Anu boli glava. Ana's head hurts.
• with the noun strah fear: Anu je strah. Ana is afraid.

Genitive (G)

• counting: dva psa two dogs, pet pasa five dogs
• with quantity adverbs: nekoliko pasa several dogs
• to express indefinite quanti­ties: Trebam vode. I need some water.
• 'part': kraj filma end of the movie
• existence: Ovdje nema Ane. There's no Ana here.
• posses­sion: auto moje sestre my sister's car
• events within a larger time frame:
   Prošle noći je padala kiša. It rained last night.
• replacing N and A:
   after gerunds:padanje kiše falling of rain, pisanje pisama writing letters
   after osim except and umjesto instead of
• with some verbs:
   Bojim se pasa. I'm afraid of dogs.
   Ne sjećam se Ane. I don't remember Ana.

Vocative (V)

• calling someone: Dođi, Ivane! Come, Ivan!


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