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SHFB XML Doc Comments Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

XML Documentation tags for Sandcastle Help File Builder

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


This cheat sheet has two main parts. The first part gives a brief overview of the possible elements and where the are supported by Sandcastle Help File Builder in XML doc comments in the source code. After this each element is detailed a bit more.

Used Icons

Not supported by SHFB
These icons are used on the sections that describe the elements to indicate some additional inform­ation.

root elements

Describe the member or type in one or two lines
Describe a parameter
Describe the return value
Full descri­ption of the member ot the type
Describe an exception that can be thrown from the member
Inherit docume­nation from an ancestor
Provide an example
Exclude the member from the docume­ntation
Used by the VB editor to filter elements out of the pop-up
Import docume­ntation from an external file
Generic descri­ption for member overloads
Shot the docume­ntation as prelim­enary
Link to other content from the "See Also' section
Exclude the member from the table of contents
Describe a type parameter of a generic type
Describe the value of a property

block elements

Format a block as code. Syntax highli­ghting is possible.
Inherit common docume­ntation form an ancestor
Create a list or a table
Create as a parapraph

inline elements

Format short text as code.
Format the content of the block as a note. Use atributes to set the note type.
Reference a parameter of the method. Method name set by attribute name.
In-line reference to an internal (cref), an external (href), or a language specific content (langword). Target of reference set by attribute.
Reference a type parameter of the method. Method name set by attribute name.

Externals Links


The summary provides a short descri­ption of the type or the member. This summary is used in intell­isense and in various places in the generated docume­nta­tion.