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QUANRES Exam 1 Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

quantitative research intro, mediation and moderation

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

3 Components Involved in a Design

philos­ophical assump­tions you bring into the study
inquiry strategy
specific methods of measur­ement

Quanti­tative Research

means of testing objective theories examining relati­onships b/w variables


Before conducting a study, you should have an a priori theory - rationale for why youre gonna do it. Expected result based on previous lit.

Philos­ophical Worldviews

Postpo­sit­ivist (scien­tific method)

Postpo­sit­ivist (Sci Method)

empirical reality
determ­inistic (cause­-ef­fect)
reductive (reducing data to discrete testable ideas i.e. numbers)
reality is objective and measur­able. there are laws and theories governing world
NO absolute truth. Evidence establ­ished in research is fallible
Research is process of making, refining, and abandoning claims for more warranted ones

Social Constr­uct­ivist

subjective reality
indivi­duals develop various meanings of their experi­ences, leading the researcher to look for complexity of views
meanings are socially & histor­ically based
resear­cher's background influences their perspe­ctive
open-ended qs so partic­ipants can share views

Advocacy & Partic­ipatory Worldview

developed in 80s-90s
quanti­/quali. more specific than SC
reaction against PP structural laws that don't fit margin­ali­zed­/don't address social issues
researcher is collab­orative to not further margin­alize partic­ipants, who can influence research design and process and reap benefits of study
provides voice, raises consci­ous­ness, advances agenda for change


whatever works - emphasis on research problem and all available approaches to understand it. Just be clear on goal of study.
truth depends on whatever works at the time
arises out of actions, situat­ions, and conseq­uences rather than antecedent conditions
not committed to any philos­ophical system. both quali/­quanti
world is not absolutely united

Quanti­tative Strategies

cross-­sec­tional (one time period)/longit­udinal (long time period)
true (random assign­ment, IV manipu­lated) or quasi (non-r­and­omized)

Philos­ophical Worldview Chart