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Board Games House Rules Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Alternative (house) rules for our favourite board games.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

General House Rules

If a die rolls off the table, it must be re-rolled.
If you take your hand off the piece / card / tile / maguffin it is played and cannot be changed.
Loser of the previous game gets to nominate two games for the next game. The remainder of the group choose between those two.


Turn-Order Auction
Winner pays what 2nd place bid, 2nd place pays what 3rd place bid, etc.
Last place pays nothing.
Turn-Order Replac­ement
Instead of auctions, each player is dealt five cards from the chili deck.
Each turn, they select one card to keep and pass the remainder to the player to their left.
Once only one card remains, it is discarded and five new cards are dealt.

Ticket to Ride

Destin­ation Tickets
Deal five destin­ation tickets face-up so all players can see them.
[Optional] No destin­ation tickets dealt to players.
Whenever a player completes one of the face-up tickets, they immedi­ately score that ticket.
Each time a face-up ticket is completed, it is discarded and replaced.
If a newly-­dealt ticket is already completed by the player, they may claim and replace it immedi­ately.

Five Tribes

Turn Order
Alternate turn order between players (no bidding).


Shuffle all cards together. Deal three to each player at start.
Hand limit of three incomplete objectives per player.
Turn over top three objectives from pile and place next to draw pile.
When selecting object­ives, players may choose from revealed objectives or blind from draw pile.
Declaring an objective completed takes one action point (same as any other action)


Scores should be hidden until after the final round. Instead of moving the score markers around the scoring track, players receive tokens each time they score.
At start of game, each player receives tokens with values: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4.
Instead of die roll for reinfo­rce­ments, each player selects a token to play.
Each token can be used only once.
The unused token grants equal value of victory points at the end.


No advice to be given unless requested!
Deal two role cards to each player, and they select one from the two to keep.

Tsuro of the Seas

Player Elimin­ation
When elimin­ated, you continue to roll for dragon movement.
Whenever you would be destroyed by a daikaiju, instead your hand size is reduced by one for the remainder of the game.


First Player
Roll your meeples to see who goes first - 2 pts for each standing up, 1 for on the side, 0 on their back.
Tile Drawing
Pick up a new tile at the end of your turn, rather than waiting for the beginning of the next turn.