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Major Enzymes in Biology Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

A compilation of all the major enzymes in Biology

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

DNA replic­ation related enzymes

In Prokar­yotes
Helicase: Uses ATP hydrolysis as a driving force to break hydrogen bonds between nitrog­enous base pairs
DnaG (Primase): Adds RNA primer
RNase H: degrades RNA primer
DNA polymerase I: exonuc­lease activity + removes RNA primer
DNA polymerase II: repair
DNA polymerase III: main enzyme that adds nucleotide in 5' -> 3' direction
Topois­ome­rase: relives stress (super­coi­ling) created by unwinding
Ligase: ligates okazaki fragements in 3' -> 5' direction

In Eukaryotes
DNA polymerase Alpha: starts replic­ation at the primer + proof reading
DNA polymerase Beta: recombines chromo­somes during proof reading
DNA polymerase Delta: synthe­sizes lagging strand + 3' -> 5' exonuc­lease activity - associated with protein PCNA
DNA polymerase Epsilon: synthe­sizes leading strand + 3' -> 5' exonuc­lease
DNA polymerase Gamma: replicates mitoch­ondrial DNA

Transc­ription related enzymes