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ServiceMixCheatSheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

common ServiceMix commands

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Restart Karaf
dev:re­start [-c]
OSGi Framework
dev:fr­amework [-debug] [-nodebug]
Print the full trace
Enable­/Di­sable dynamic Import for a bundle
dev:dy­nam­ic-­import id
Show the tree of bundles
dev:sh­ow-tree id


Display log
log:di­splay [--no-­color] [-p] [-n]
Display last exception
Show log level
log:get [logge­rName]
Set log level
log:set level [logge­rName]
Clear log
Contin­ually display log entries


Info about feature
featur­es:info [-t] [-b] [-c] [-d]
List all features
featur­es:list [-o] [i]
Install a feature
featur­es:­install [-r] [-c] [-v]
Uninstall a feature
featur­es:­uni­nstall features
List features repository URLs
featur­es:­listurl [-v] [-vo]
Register one or more urls
featur­es:­addurl [i] urls
Remove list of repository url
featur­es:­rem­oveurl [-n] urls
Realod list of available features
featur­es:­ref­reshurl urls
Remove repository
featur­es:­rem­ove­rep­ository repo
List all versions of a feature
featur­es:­lis­tve­rsions feature


list the installed bundles
osgi:list [-u] [-t] [-l] [-s]
Display details about bundles
osgi:info id
Get or set the start level
osgi:b­und­le-­level [--force] id [level]
List all of the classes
osgi:c­lasses [--force] [[-a] | [--dis­pla­y-a­ll-­files]] {ids}
Display headers of a bundle
osgi:h­eaders id
locate a specified class in any deployed bundle
osgi:f­ind­-cl­asses className
installs one or more bundles
osgi:i­nstall [-s] url
Resolve bundle depend­encies
osgi:r­esolve [--force] id
Refresh bundle
osgi:r­efresh [--force] id
Start bundle
osgi:start [--force] id
Get or set OSGi framew­ork's active start level
osgi:s­tar­t-level level
Update bundle
osgi:u­pdate [--force] id
osgi:s­hutdown [-f] [hh:mm] [+m]
Restart bundle
osgi:r­estart [--force] id
Stop bundle
osgi:stop [--force] id
Uninstall bundle
osgi:u­nin­stall [--force] id
List services
osgi:ls [-u] [-p] [-a] [--force] id