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Visual DialogScript Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Commands and Functions from VDS 6

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


If, Else, Elsif, End
Repeat ... Until, While ... Wend
Script execution
Error, Exit, Gosub, Goto, Option, Stop, Timer, Trace, Wait, Wait event
Data handling
Binfile, Directory, File, Inifile, List, Registry
Dialog, Window, Title, Info, Warn, Dde, Hotkey
Shell functions
Beep, Clipboard, Exitwin, Font, Htmlhelp, Icotobmp, Killtask, Link, Run, Runh, Runm, Runz, Shell, Taskbar, Winhelp
Parse, Shift
External, Loadlib, Freelib
Compiler directives
#define, #resource, #include

List Syntax

List create, <list id>, [sorted]
List clear, <list id>
List close, <list id>
List add, <list id>, <te­xt>
List assign, <list id>, <list id2> or <text string separated with @cr()>
List seek, <list id>, <line number>
List put, <list id>, <te­xt>
List delete, <list id>, <te­xt>
List loadfile, <list id>, <fi­len­ame>
List savefile, <list id>, <fi­len­ame>
List fontlist, <list id>
List filelist, <list id>, <pa­th>
List modules, <list id>, <ta­sk>
List tasklist, <list id>, <N: taskname or I: identi­fie­r>
List winlist, <list id>, <C: class, I: identifier or N: name>
List regkeys, <list id>, <root key>, <su­bke­y>
List regvals, <list id>, <root key>, <su­bke­y>

Dialog Syntax

Dialog create, <ti­tle­>, <to­p>, <le­ft>, <wi­dth­>, <he­igh­t>, <st­yle­s>
Dialog add, <el­ement type>, <na­me>, <el­ement descri­pti­on>
Dialog set, <na­me>, <te­xt>
Dialog setpos, <na­me>, <to­p>, <le­ft>, <wi­dth­>, <he­igh­t>
Dialog settip, <na­me>, <te­xt>
Dialog popup, Item1|­Ite­m2|..., <x>, <y>