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Application Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Synchr­onous Motor

2 rings (Positive and Negative)
Usually 2-4 brushes per ring
Excitation comes from a stationary DC source
Speed is usually slower than WRIM but can be as high as 1200 RPM
Number of poles are high
Units can be Horizontal and Vertical
RPM is often an even number e.g. 300, 900
300 – 10,000 hp, Up to 16,000 Volts

Questions to ASK!

Nameplate with running ROTOR or EXCITATION Amps

Brush config­uration

Perfor­mance and history of the brush
IE: Dusting, rapid wear, threading, brush life, etc.

Slip Ring condition (pics of ALL rings will help)
IE: Film=dark, threading, grooving, photog­rap­hing, etc.

Slip Ring Material
IE: Brass, Bronze, Stainless

IE: What is the motor doing, Duty Cycles, Continuous or interm­ittent, etc.

Anything else we need to be aware of
IE: Any Shock Loads, Contam­ina­tion, Etc.

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