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Linux - Proton VPN Cheat Sheet by

Commands for linux proton vpn cli


sudo apt install -y openvpn dialog python­3-pip python­3-s­etu­ptools
sudo pip3 install proton­vpn-cli


Initialize ProtonVPN profile.
sudo protonvpn init
OpenVPN creden­tials are expected, not those from proton
Can find it in proton user account dashboard


sudo pip3 install proton­vpn-cli --upgrade
sudo pip3 uninstall proton­vpn-cli


Connect to a random server.
protonvpn c -r
Connect to the fastest server.
protonvpn c -f
Connect to the fastest P2P server.
protonvpn c --p2p
Connect to a specified server.
protonvpn c [serve­rname]
Connect to the fastest server in a specified country.
protonvpn c --cc [count­rycode]
Connect to the fastest Secure Core server.
protonvpn c --sc
Reconnect or connect to the last server used.
protonvpn reconnect, r
Disconnect the current session.
protonvpn discon­nect, d


Print connection status.
protonvpn status, s
Refresh OpenVPN config­uration and server data.
protonvpn refresh
Print example commands.
protonvpn examples
Display version.
protonvpn --version
Show help message.
protonvpn --help


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