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Systems Analysis and Design Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This should cover all the relevant material for the Systems Analysis and Design module

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Refers to the tasks carried out during a project
step-b­y-step descri­ption of the steps involved in doing a particular job
A method is specific to one project

Why Method­ology?

Refers to the general framework and principles used to organise the tasks
Techniques of system develo­pment must be organized
A metapr­ocess that can be applied to many projects
A method­ology is instan­tiated on a project
set of general principles that guide the choice of a method suited to a specific task or project
Typical product:
A range of business software applic­ations
- Helps produce better quality product
• Better documented software
• More acceptable to user
• More mainta­inable software
• More consistent software
– Helps ensure user requir­ements are met
– Helps project manager control the project
– Reduces develo­pment costs
– Promotes commun­ication among all parties


Unified Software Develo­pment Process
Largely superseded by Rational Unified Process
Main princi­ples:
– Use-case driven
– Archit­ect­ure­-ce­ntric
– Iterative develo­pment
– Increm­ental develo­pment