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IoT Course Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

DragonBoard Cheat sheet

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Dragon­Board 410c Components

eMMC: Embedded Multimedia Card
RAM: random Access Memory
WiFi: Brandin Term that beat out IEEE 802.11
GPS: Global Positi­oning System
ARM: Advanced RISC Machine
RISC: Reduced Instru­ction Set Computer

Embedded Systems

- SoC
- SoM
- ...


High and Low Level progra­mming
Object oriented Progra­mming
C Progra­mming
Levels of Abstra­ction

High Level/ Low Level Progra­mming

High Level
Low Level
Easier to user
Harder to use
Many abstra­ctions
Fewer abstra­ctions
Automated Processes
Closer to hardware

Unix Terminal Commands

ls- Lists the contents of the current directory
cd- Change directory
echo- Prints­/calls something out to the terminal
cat- Outputs contents of a file to somewhere else
export- Creates a path variable
sudo- Executes a command as a superuser
(sudo) su- Enter superuser mode
chmod- Changes files permis­sions (Read, Write, Execute)
exit/quit- Exit/quit current mode
.- Current directory
:- Parent Directory
./- Executes Files

Other Commands
mkdir- Create a new folder
mv- Move a file to another location
cp- Copy a file to another location
rm- Remove a file
clear- Clears the terminal
!!- Repeat a command

General Acronyms

IoT: Internet of Things
OS: Operating System
IDE: Integrated Develo­pment Enviro­nment
SDK: Software Develo­pment Kit
NDK: Native Develo­pment Kit
AVD: Android Virtual Device
ADB: Android Debug Bridge
APK: Android Applic­ation Package
API: Applic­ation Progra­mming Interface

Object­-Or­iented Progra­mming

Code Reuse/ recycling
Size (very large programs)
Slower than other programs
Design Benefits

Root / Super user

- Use "sudo su" or "­su" to log in to superuser
- Uses "­sud­o" for every command
- Gives suer all rights/ permis­sions to all programs/ files
- Modify files that cannot be modified as a regular user
- Issue commands that cannot be used as a regular user
- Can be dangerous / make sure you know what you are doing

MS- DOS Commands

dir- Displays the contents of the direct­ory­/folder
cls- Clears the skin
copy- Copies one or more files to the specified destin­ation
echo- Prints/ Calls something to the terminal
del- Deletes a file
undelete- Restores a deleted file
print- Prints the content of a text file
mkdir- Make a new folder

Frequent Termin­ology

Board: the Dragon­Board 410c
Boot: starting your board
Terminal: A shell/­command line
Android Studio: An IDE for developing Android applic­ations
Dip Switches: Boot switches on back of board
Script: An executable file (automates a process)
Fastboot: A method to install an OS using a USB and a computer
Flashing: Overwr­iting existing OS or firmware

C Progra­mming

Extensive Libraries
Very loose type checking
Systems Progra­mming
Mid Level

Levels of Abstra­ction

Scripting/ Interp­reted Languages
High/ Middle Level Languages
Assembly Language
Machine Code
Binary Code