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Variant - Journey to the Overland House rules Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Variants and House Rules to add more fun and exploration within JtO

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Weather chart

SUMMER (Month1to 6)
WINTER (Month 7to12)
1 = Lunar Eclipse
1 = Lunar Eclipse
2 = Volcano Eruption
2 = Volcano Eruption
3 = Earthquake
3 = Earthquake
4 = Tornado
4 = Hurricane
5 = Mud Puddles
5 = Mud Puddles
6 = Full Moon
6 = Full Moon
7/8 = Strong Winds
7/8 = Strong Winds
9/10 = Fog
9/10 = Fog
11/12 = Clear and Windy
11/12 = Clear and Windy
13/14 = Drought
13/14 = Blizzard
15/16/17 = Heat
15/16/17 = Snow
18/19 = Clear Skies
18/19 =Ice
20/21 /22 = Sunny and Warm
20/21 /22 = Rain/C­loudy
23/24 = Clear Skies
23/24 = Clear Skies
25 = Sun
25 = Sun
*If it's 25 or less, use that # on the Weather chart
*If it's between 26-50, subtract 25
*If it's between 51-75, subtract 50
*If it's between 76-100, subtract 75

If you decided to saty in Towns/­Vil­lag­e/C­astles all the week, since Weather doesnt affect, just roll one to know how it would be.

1d100 Town Encounters

1- You see the city guards raid a store. Guards preventing people from coming close say that it’s a front for illegal activi­ties. Rumors are that the owners ticked off the wrong person, forgot to pay protection money, and the guards are corrupt.
21- A blacksmith hammers a freshly forged blade nearby.
41-A couple of guards are standing in front of a dark alleyway. They are discussing what they will do if they catch the thief who lives in there.
61-Rumor has it there is an underg­round fight club in the warehouse district. They’ve been tasked with finding it and shutting it down. But will they want to join instead?
81- The dispute between the metal smiths and the wood smiths is close to turning violent. Well, at least, that’s what that drunken dwarf said
2- A child with an obvious injury begging for money pleads to the party for money. Later that day the party sees the same kid running around playing tag.
22- A rabid dog jumps from a nearby alleyway, attempting to bite a random player.
42-A man is selling jewelry made out of silver and gold. He says it’s real silver and gold, but it’s probably not. He says he can get the players a good deal if they buy now.
62-A legendary Knight renowned for victory in battle and training many acolytes has gone missing, seemingly having turned their back on the order. Can they be found again in a time of need?
82- A local herb shop is paying for rare specimens.
3- A local alchemist shop has caught fire! There is panic in the streets! Water could make the chemical blaze worse. Someone help!
23-Three guards hold a wanted poster. They carefully study the party as they pass by.
43-A man has set up a stand selling candles. They’re very cheap, but he says they’re made from a special recipe that will keep the candle from ever burning down, even if it’s left in a hallway.
63-The town tax collector has been kidnapped. Curiously enough, all of his gold was left behind; whoever took him wanted the man, not the money…
83- . Several local merchants have created an explor­ation company. They are looking for hardy souls to lead expedi­tions
4- As the group walks down the street, they see a woman arguing with three guards. Appare­ntly, while appreh­ending a criminal, the guards heavily damaged the goblins market stand and he demands repara­tion.
24-Three semi-a­ttr­active ladies boldly harass a PC saying that s/he slept with all three of them, creating a diversion for a pickpocket to snag the purse of the PC’s while they are distracted by the ladies. Once the pickpocket is gone, they apologize and say that the PC looks like someone they know.
44-A group of men are gathered around an old woman who is telling stories about local monsters that were fighting each other long before the city was built. She says that one day one of those monsters will return, and the others will return with it to fight again. People should be prepared for this day, she says, because the monsters are much darker and more powerful than the ones anyone has seen before. It’s a little hard to tell if she’s pulling people’s legs or not because her stories are so crazy, but there are other people listening to her stories as well and they don’t seem to be laughing.
64-A little girl is watching you from the alley. The next time you glance over, you see a wolf run away.
84- A 12 year-old murdered his father the other night. He's being held at the jail, though he denies he did it with much weeping
5-Three well dressed young men are bullying an old beggar sitting by an alleyway. They kicked his begging bowl over and insult him. If the players decide to step in, the three will begrud­gingly stop. They all wear the symbol of a rather influe­ntial House.
25-A high-class carriage rolls by the players and an elegant noble inside waves to them. The noble, a male named Barzir, is excited to see some strong looking advent­urers.
45-The party sees a man being beaten by a group of thugs. If they help him, the thugs will turn on them
65-The local innkeeper has baked the MOST DELICIOUS strawberry rhubarb pie. Nobody can stop eating once they start.
85- The merchant ship, Rumwell, didn't arrive last month and is thought lost with all hands.
6- A Tiefling merchant selling potions out of a travelling wagon. When asked about the origin of the potions, only vague answers are given. Rouges with ties to the local Thieves Guild might know them.
26-A talkative bard asks the players for inspir­ation for a new song. The song becomes a smash hit in the next few days.
46-A man is trying to sell a rare map. The map is of a dangerous area, but it’s worth it. If the players try to buy the map, a rival group of thieves attack them.
66-A man is trying to sell a dog. He tells players that it is trained to fight
86- A strange bard passed through town recently. After he was gone jewels and valuables were reported missing.
7-While walking down the street, the advent­urers hear a large crash then yelling coming from a nearby shop. Upon further invest­iga­tion, they discover a woman's child had damaged expensive goods in the shop and the merchant won't let them leave until the mother pays up.
27- A dog starts following you. When you think you've lost it, it appears and rubs against your leg. It follows you for 1d6 days, or until it gets bored.
47-A group of 2d6 mercen­aries are looking for work. They have been traveling for a long time, and they are looking for a place to stay for a while, until they find work again. They will work for the party for a while, as long as they are paid.
67-A beautiful woman is standing on the balcony of her home.
87- A sea captain is hiring hardy souls for a long voyage
8-A boy hoping to impress a girl begs you to pretend to harass her and then pretend to be driven off when he interv­enes.
28- A random player finds what looks to be a wedding ring sticking out of the dirt in front of them. It is worth quite a bit of gold!
48-A group of 2d6 soldiers are on their way to the castle. They are looking for work, and they will stay as long as they find it.
68-A cart breaks a wheel. It is blocking the road.
88- A mercenary troop is recrui­ting. Food and wages are offered, but the main benefit is a life of war.
9-Two lovebirds with disapp­roving parents meet in secret. They could be separated by social class, different races, or feuding families.
29- A man dressed in a peculiar cloak is walking down the street. He has a staff and a small bag. His name is D, and he is selling healing potions.
49-A drunk man is stumbling down the street and singing about a treasure he’s looking for.
69-A group of 2d6 dogs is running wild through the streets.
89- A Knight is recruiting advent­urers for a holy quest. He promises adventure, blessings and almost certain death. Wouldn’t that be glorious?
10-A sewer grate bursts open, and 1d6+3 swarms of rats burst out of it. Undern­eath, a druid is leading them to overrun a business that has been rumored to pollute the nearby river. These rumors' however turn out to be false.
30- You see a man who is very upset. His horse ran off with his car
50-A woman is singing in the streets. Her name is Vildara. She is part of a traveling band of minstrels. She sings a beautiful song. If the players want to hire her, they will have to pay her well. She is very talented and well-t­rained. She also has a strong magical voice.
70-A group of guards are trying to chase down a pickpo­cket. He has stolen a purse from a nobleman.
90- On the night of a full moon, if you hear a robin’s call and toss a silver coin into the town’s well, your wish will be granted
11-An apple seller's cart has broken down in front of a tanner's shop. The tanner is not happy about it and has started crushing apples.
31- You see a man walking down the street carrying two large bags of flour. He is having a hard time carrying them. He looks very tired and upset
51-A man is walking down the street with a cage full of birds. If players talk to him, he will try to sell them a bird.
71-One of the town guard said some children found a bundle of gold pieces in the river
91- a shady individual He’s selling a map leading to unexplored ruins full of treasures. He doesn’t know if the map is real.
12-A small group of children within sight steal a small pet
32-The town crier is crying out the daily news and happenings in the town. He is crying out about the recent bandit attacks on the outskirts of town.
52-A merchant offers to buy an item from a PC. It’s the item they need most. If they sell it, they will never get it back.
72-A body was found dead near the edge of town. His pack included a map
92- a homelesss person He’s actually a prince in disguise, mingling with his subjects.
13-A young lad/lass Squire is franti­cally looking for something they lost on their way back to their Knight.
33- A group of 1d20 dwarf advent­urers are laughing loudly outside a tavern. They are wearing very expensive looking clothing and jewelry. They are celebr­ating their last adventure and are very drunk.
53- A man dressed in full knight armor approaches the players. He begs for help finding his squire. He offers to pay the players for their help.
73-here are whispers one of the town’s wealthy merchants is hiring advent­urers and mercen­aries.
93- Peasants omplaining about the weather and the next harvest.
14-A man barges in to the tavern the party is staying at, shouting and accusing the owner of stealing his secret recipe.
34- A man rushes out of a shop with a merchant women hot on his tail. “Come back,” the merchant yells. “You haven’t paid for the food you’ve taken.”
54-A group of beautiful women come up to the players and ask them to take them to a nice place to eat
74- An art collector has moved into town and is paying for valuable items
94- A trader needs an escort to travel through a dangerous zone.
15-The central square is hosting a public execution of a corrupt official, deaf to the pleas of his wife that he is innocent.
35- A wooden wagon has lost a wheel, causing barrels of fruit to roll into the street!
55-A guard will stop the players and ask for their papers. If they can not produce them (in the form of 1 gp per player), the guard will arrest them.
75- A drunken guardsman said an ancient scroll was found a pretty girl thief is in jail
95- A Knight corpose returned hanging on the back of the horse
16- A small crowd gathers in the town square as a young man serenades a maiden with a band of trouba­dours. As he professes his love and proposes, the maiden takes a bard's lute and smacks him upside the head as she leaves.
36-An attractive maiden begins flirting with a random player. Her muscular husband takes notice.
56- A small orphan girl is terrified and shares a wild story about another child at the orphanage who is biting everyone.
76- An outlaying farm was raided a few days ago. The farmer says it was demons, of course that can’t be.
96- You meet one of the sons of the king personal guard
17-A group of bards posts a flyer for an upcoming theatrical production that is highly critical of the local political powers. You are able to grab one before you see local guards tearing down the flyers and burning them.
37- Two guardsmen begin to argue about who gets to keep a gold piece found on the street.
57-A naked bard asks for directions to the nearest inn where he left his clothes and money.
77-A horse was stolen out of the stable last night. The stable boy was hit on the head and knocked out.
97- main streets decored, today is the funeral of a very loved noble
18-A small boy is caught trying to pickpocket the pc's. When he is caught her tearfully tells you that it's for the veteran that was hurt in the war.
38- A beggar is sprawled on the ground, surrounded by empty ale bottles.
58-An overweight town guard, panting heavily, chases someone who nears the PCs.
78-A boisterous band of advent­urers left town yesterday. Some say they heard them talking about searching for a legendary lost book.
98- A knight asked you to train with him today
19-Two Bards are in the middle of a poetic battle on the street and are unknow­ingly riling of a crowd and splitting them into factions ready to fight for their bard.
39-Three guards are having an argument about who is the better sword fighter.
59-A famous adventurer was hurriedly approa­ching the PCs, yet he dropped dead mid-st­ride. Why was he coming toward your table?
79- A band of mercen­aries swept into town about a week ago broke a lot of things, spent lots of money, and then moved out yesterday
99- you find a bag of coins dropped in the street with 10G
20- Town crier calling out that 'Bite-­Hun­ting' is now illegal. Upon further inquiry they are informed that there has been a growing trend in the city of people seeking out to be infected with Lycant­hropy.
40-A guard is standing in the middle of the road and pointing his sword down. He shouts, “Clear the road! Clear the road!”
60-. A PC sees a beautiful woman sunbathing on a nearby rooftop. He’s spotted and waved ove
80- A wealthy dwarf merchant is supposedly outfitting an ocean expedi­tion, despite he doesnt like the sea
100- A NPC of the oppositive sex asked you to spend the night together

No Shuffling needed Encounters Cards

After you finish an encounter, place the card on the bottom of the deck. When you need to check for a new encounter, Roll two d:20 (to get a random result anywhere between 2 and 40). Let's say the total of the two dice added together is 27. You will need to count out 26 cards and place them on the bottom of the deck. Then the top card would be your new encounter.

Party Limits (House rules)

Jimmy´s House Rule that limits your party to a maximum of 7 (included your charac­ter). This maximum would include hired help, NPC Compan­ions, random NPC's that want to join your party as well as NPC Comrades.

The one exception, is that if you are lucky enough to entice 7+ NPC characters to become your NPC comrades, then you should allow it (but this is probably only a pipe dream that will never materi­alize).

Also, if you eventually acquire the skills to lead troops, then they will not be affected in any way by this new House Rule.

Terrain House Rle

If there were two terrain features in one hex, such as desert and openland, you should estimate that the hex has, as an example: 70% openland and 30% desert. Then you will need to roll 1d100 to know where exactly you are located in that hex. If you are in the same terrain and there is a hill, in order to determine which encoun­ter­/ge­tting lost/h­unting table to use, roll first a 1d100 (50/50) to determine if the hills will take preced­ence. If the die roll says "­no,­" then you will only need to roll 1d100 to see if the openland or desert chart should be used in this instance. For hill/m­ountain hexes, simply do a 1d100 (50/50) roll

War House Rule

Roll 1d20 to see how many days the rumors persist. If the die roll is between 1-7= 7days. Otherwise, the number of days will be whatever the dice decides.
No new Event cards will be drawn until the duration of the War threat has been fulfilled. If you and your party reach your home town within the prescribed time limit for this Event, you will need to spend another full week actually regist­ering (if you have not done it previously within that calendar year).
Jimmy´s War House rule