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About matteo.curcio

  • I have been freelancing in the media field for the last 15 years, working with a large client base for TV & cinema advertising, corporate videos, events and entertainment. It all started with audio: I’ve been working in music production and sound design, recording voice talents and doing ADR, mixing and mastering on Pro Tools, Logic Studio and Ableton Live. My area of expertise in the video field is online/offline editing and colour grading, with some compositing and 2D and 3D mograph. My main tools are Final Cut Studio, Da Vinci Resolve, After Effects, with some experience in Nuke and Cinema 4D. Lately I have been working on the latest trends and techniques: viral marketing, projection mapping, inte- ractive installations - making patches in Quartz Composer, MadMapper, Millumin, Qlab.
  • Cheatographer since 23 January, 2014.
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Cheat Sheets By matteo.curcio

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