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Windows Command Line Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

Reference Sheet

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


ipconfig /displ­aydns
ipconfig /regis­terdns
ipconfig /flushdns

ping - [cls clears the screen]

ping [name, ip or address]
192.16­8.1.144[conti­nuous ping until cease command sent]
10 LT-4151[for 10 replies]
192.16­81.1.144[forces the use of IPv6]
[edit the packet]
[do not fragment packet] i.e. usage ping -f -l 1300
errors if receiver MTU is lower than sender

tracert [all router hops from sen to rec]

[ip or hostname]
[drops the dns request]
[changes the max hops]
[tracert with a 25 sec ping on each hop]
[max number of hops]

arp [address resolution protocol

arp -a [arp table cached on current host]
[static - user or system created]
[dynamic - learned from a neighbor]
arp -d 192.16­8.1.1 [deletes this address from apr table]
* by default the broadcast MAC is FF:FF:­FF:­FF:­FF:FF
arp -s 192.16­8.1.1 00-AA-­22-­BB-­33-CC [adds entry to arp table]

Telnet [test for establ­ished TCP session]

telnet 25
[tests connec­tivity to email or relay server via port 25]
telnet 80
tests connec­tivity to a web server via port 80
searched for mx record =
default port for telnet is 23 but for smtp it is 25

netstat [assists with port & session issues]

[reply provides protocol, local IP:port #, remote host:port # and state of connection
[includes listening ports]
[includes applic­ation listening 'in brackets'
[includes process id for listening applic­ation
a listening port may be "­loc­ked­" open, blocking other connection attempts
if a host listens on, it will respond to all requests
[places list in numerical order]
provides statis­tical inform­ation
i.e. IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP and ICMP inform­ation


name resolution via netbios
[displays interface and local netbios cache]
[displays the netbios name table of this host]
lists open sessions


[inter­active mode]
nslookup www.go­ogl­ [returns FQDN]
opens an intera­ctive window allowing other commands i.e.
set q=mx
set q=cname


route print
route delete 192.16­8.1.1
route add 192.16­8.1.1
* route table should always have the default route of to

Still Pending


Other Tools

throughput tester
enviro­nmental monitors
cable certifier
network sniffer [protocol analyzer]
cable tester
BER = bit errors­/bits transf­erred
bit error rate tester [BERT] t1
wireless analyzer
looking glass sites Board gateway protoc­ol[BGP]
Microsoft Network Monitor