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5 Pages
Hinweise zur Umsetzung der Barrierefreiheit in Webanwendungen (auch für Behörden nutzbar)
4 Jan 15, updated 28 Jul 19
2 Pages
Jakub Nowicki & Jakub Kotala
10 Jan 17, updated 11 Jan 17
the, team, best, -vim, -unix and 4 more ...
2 Pages
algorithms of some sorting algorithms
27 Aug 18
space, sort, merge, best, algorithm and 11 more ...
3 Pages
Like any other language or tool, Python has some best practices to follow before, during, and after the process of writing your code. These make the code readable and create a standard across the industry. Other developers working on the project should be able to read and understand your code.
11 Aug 20
python, code, software, engineering, best and 3 more ...
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9 Mar 21

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