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Writing is an important life skill that is still a much needed service despite the advent of technology and the internet. Some say it is becoming a lost art as many depend on this technology to perfect their writing. Editing and proofreading is a huge part of successful writing. Unfortunately, even with spell check, documents are still printed and published with spelling and grammatical errors.

LR Commun­ication Systems, Inc.

This site contains a page of editing tips, broken down into three catego­ries. There are general tips, content editing tips, and prepar­ation tips. This checklist contains a link to the actual company site. They work with best essay writing service and indivi­duals to help improve commun­ication skills, and perform a variety of services related to the subject.

Lillie Ammann

On this site there is an article by Lillie Ammann that provides editing tips for cheapest essay writers in both the profes­sional and nonpro­fes­sional world. She has written seven tips for easy editing. There are a few links within these seven tips that expand upon her tips.

Bubble Cow
This site actually offers editing services, and a free trial of up to 1,000 words edited, allowing the writer to see how the service works. The site also has 10 tips that are geared specif­ically toward book editing.

Quick and Dirty Tips

For proper editing, you must know how to quickly check for formatting issues, spacing issues, typos, and spelling and gramma­tical errors. The following are some sites that contain editing tips that will assist in the review process.
On this site you can find "­Grammar Girl's­" tips for various subject, especially tips. This page of tips is for those who are editing the work of others. There are five detailed tips for editing featured on this page.


One of the most important things to remember is that writing is only the first step in publishing a book, article, short story, or other type of written work. It takes a lot more work to get your work to print or publish status. Editing eliminates mistakes and polishes original products to make you work ready for hire someone to write my essay by your target audience. Errors in any work is inevit­able, but with consis­tent, concise editing, they can all be corrected. A well-w­ritten work is not only one that reads well, but also one that is error-­free.

Write to Done

This site contains a list of eight tips. It is geared towards the writers who are acting as their own editors. Self-e­diting is most often done by cheap essay writer who are either doing a first public­ation or blogging. Each tip on this site includes detailed explan­ations.
There is a list of six editing tips that targets writers, not editors, and are provided by experi­enced editors, copywr­iters, and even freelance writers. Easily found above the article is a link to other tips and articles on editing and writing. The articles normally consist of about five or six tips.

An Office Romance - Case #40

This paper shall analyze the case study, An Office Romance. In it the facts, issues, actors and analysis will be given. Several discussion questions are answered regarding the situation of a division managerÂ’s affair with a co-worker that is disrupting the office, and a final recomm­end­ation will be given, regarding this dilemma. The situation is compounded by the fact that one of the actors is now declining in perfor­mance while the other, that is the subject of potential favori­tism, is performing at except­ional levels.


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