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Top 100 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by

This cheatsheet is created to help students, who struggles when defining a topic for their Compare and Contrast essays.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Compare and Contrast

Top 100 Compare and contrast Essay Topics

• Spotify vs Apple Music
• Cats vs Dogs
• Typhoon vs Hurricane
• AT&T vs Verizon
• Lion vs Tiger
• Resume vs CV
• Leasing vs Buying a car
• Star Wars vs Star Trek
• Coyote vs Wolf
• Fascism vs Communism
• iPhone SE vs iPhone 6
• Coke vs Pepsi
• Fiction vs Nonfiction
• Plant Cell vs Animal Cell
• Analogy vs Metaphor
• Hobbes vs Locke
• Tea vs Coffe
• Expect­ations vs Reality
• Apple vs Microsoft
• Gandalf vs Dumbledore
• Boys vs Girls
• Stocks vs Bonds
• High School vs College
• South Korea vs North Korea
• Stalin vs Hitler
• Safari vs Chrome
• Ants vs Termites
• Kosher vs Halal
• Hydrogen Bomb vs Nuclear Bomb
• Facebook vs Twitter
• Bachelor of Arts vs Bachelor of Science
• Nike vs Under Armour
• Shareh­older vs Stakeh­older
• Head of state vs Head of government
• Alligator vs Crocodile
• Fruits vs Vegetables
• Greek vs Roman Gods
• Dusk vs Dawn
• Game of Thrones book vs Show
• Wage vs Salary
• MMA vs Boxing
• Soy Milk vs Milk
• Mozart vs Beethoven
• Pretty vs Beautiful
• Football vs Soccer
• Vampires vs Werewolves
• Iron Man vs Hulk
• Brain vs Heart
• Toads vs Frogs
• Closed vs Open headphones
• Thunder vs Lightning
• Monopoly vs Oligopoly
• Summer vs Winter
• Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley
• Renting vs Owning
• Newton vs Einstein
• Cowboys vs Indians
• Baroque vs Renais­sance
• Jefferson vs Adams
• Childhood vs Adulthood
• American Idol vs The Voice
• Nuclear Power vs Solar Power
• Poor people vs Rich people
• Coffee vs Energy Drink
• Family vs Friends
• Soviet vs American system
• Tom Sawyer vs Huckle­berry Finn
• Watercolor vs Oil
• Red vs White
• Offence vs Defense
• Rap vs Pop
• Cash vs Credit Cards
• Motorcycle vs Bicycle
• Racism vs Sexism
• Chambe­rlain vs Churchill
• Recycling vs Landfill
• Roman Empire vs British Empire
• Letters vs Emails
• Drama vs Comedy
• Jazz vs Classical Music
• 1984 vs Fahrenheit 451
• Living in City vs Country
• Juice vs Water
• Books vs E-Books
• Diesel vs Petroleum
• Public vs Private transp­ort­ation
• Living at home vs Living on campus
• Truth vs Lie
• Real World vs Virtual World
• Greek Philosophy vs Roman Philosophy
• North vs South before the War
• Harry Potter: The book vs Movie
• Antique vs New
• Home Education vs Tradit­ional Education
• Thor vs Loki: friends of enemies (according to the movie)
• KFC vs McDonald's
• Online dating vs Real-life relations
• Modern Dance vs Ballroom dancing
• Being a freelancer vs Working in an office
• City vs Country lifestyle

2 Body Paragraph Style

Simila­rities vs. Differ­ences
1st body paragraph talks about the similarities between both subjects
2nd body paragraph talks about the differences between both subjects
Point A > Point B
Body 1 picks Topic A then gives all inform­ation and analysis about A
Body 2 picks Topic B then gives all inform­ation and analysis about B

Words and Phrases To Use

not alike
in common
on the other hand
in comparison to
in contrast to

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How To Outline

Specific topic areas
Topic 1 - Aspect 1
Topic 2 - Aspect 1
Topic 2 - Aspect 2
Topic 1 - Aspect 3
Topic 2 - Aspect 3
Evaluation / Future develo­pments