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Geto to know the basics of organizing a lab-report accroding to the guidelines.

How To Write A Lab Report

4) Lab Report Results & Discus­sions

A factual statement of what you have observed, supported by statis­tics, graphs etc.
Results from ALL experi­ments, successful or not
Any exceptions and any lack of correl­ation
The methods that were used in the experiment
If the two sections must be split, keep in mind that the Discussion section should then not only review the results but explore the implic­ations of they carry to us as scientists and the general public. Feel free to make use of any visual repres­ent­ations to help take the point across. Don’t forget to mention any events that could have altered the final results, if relevant.

1) Lab Report Abstract

BRIEF summary of what experi­ments were performed, the main results and conclu­sions
• Should contain one sentnece for each section of your lab report
• Max 200 words

2) Lab Report Introd­uction

• Clearly establish what kind of experiment will be discussed or will be taking place. Give a brief unders­tanding of its backgr­ound.
• The initial hypothesis behind undert­aking the experi­ment, such as what we aim to achieve through it.
• The importance or value the experiment to us as those performing it as well as what meaning it bears within the real world.
• Establish what method­ologies will be used to extract, record and analyze the data. This should be done in comparison to the initial expect­ations or hypoth­esis.
Introd­uction DON'Ts:

✗ Explain materials and methods
✗ State any results or conclu­sions
✗ Leave important background inform­ation

3) Lab Report Procedures

The methods used to collect, store and analyze data are often referred to as “Proce­dures”. By docume­nting each of these steps in a clear and concise manner, it allows one to follow along while also being able to repeat the experiment if necessary. Keep in mind that histor­ically laboratory reports and their procedures have been recorded as first-­person narrative accounts, despite the fact that most instru­ction manuals prefer to make use of a second­-person approach.

5) Lab Report Conclusion

• Should be 2-3 sentences long
• Indicate what the experiment was about
• Outline the main method of the exepriment
• Possible techniques and ways to improve this experiment in future
There are two types of append­ices, namely formal and informal.

A formal appendix should contain a definite beginning, middle and end segment for the data being displayed. Due to various time constr­aints, superv­isors or tutors may ask for an informal appendix. In contrast to the formal version they do not need an explicit structure but should still be titled, captioned and include comments where relevant.


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