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Research Methodology Format Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

Data collection and design sampling

Research is an indisp­ensable part of the thesis writing exercise. Hence, the research method­ology format needs the serious attention from students who are trying to write a disser­tation or any thesis document. Therefore, it is essential that students formulate¬†what are the different types of essays¬†and a strategy to prepare a process of conducting research on their chosen topic and then executing that process with precision. While the structure of a thesis paper will have a cover page, abstract, introd­uction and the essay body with conclu­sion, the research method­ology must be described in a separate chapter, within the essay body, that would detail the necessary requir­ements of conducting the research exercise effect­ively, starting from the presen­tation of a research proposal. Given below are a few guidelines that explain the requir­ements of various sections under this chapter. However, students are also advised to look at other papers like online essays or cause and effect essay for getting a better grip on the skills of writing an excellent disser­tation paper. In any case, these skills will also be useful for prepar­ation of a good research method­ology format.

Set your research goals

This will relate to the topic and the thesis statement, chosen by the student. The requir­ement of inform­ation, its form and quantum should be decided accord­ingly. Therea­fter, the sources that are needed to get the required inform­ation should be listed, to save precious time in unnece­ssary and aimless surfing As the research process would also include getting the results from a selected sample of respon­dents, it is essential that students prepare a section within this chapter that would deal with the sampling and its design. This will involve the grouping into categories of probab­ility or non-pr­oba­bility design sampling.



Data collection

Students must devote a consid­erable part of the research method­ology format towards the methods chosen to collect the required inform­ation. Hence, various methods of collecting the data like direct monitoring through interviews and surveys, or observ­ation of certain experi­ments, should be detailed in this section. While these can be quanti­tative or qualit­ative, surveys and interviews must be done to collect the facts that relate to the hypothesis of the essay. In case of collecting inform­ation through personal or postal interv­iews, the design of questi­onn­aires and the method of sample selection should be discussed in this section in detail.

Data analysis

Once the data is collected, same would need to be analyzed by the students. This can be done by utilizing various tools like ANOVA, analysis of variance, descri­ptive statistics etc.. Although there are many methods of data interp­ret­ation and analysis, students must choose a method that can best relate to their selected topic. The presen­tation of the results and discussion chapter of the thesis paper will greatly depend on this section. While the whole paper will need essay format to maintain a certain writing style, the research method­ology format should also be written in the same style, be it MLA, APA, or any other writing format.


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