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Classification Essay Topics Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Common principle must bind all items

As classi­fic­ation is about catego­riz­ation of items or different entities into various groups, the classi­fic­ation essay topics should have a common principle of dividing the required terms. However, the students must use their innovative and analytical skills to explain the meaning of these terms and then interp­reting the same, so that they are allocated to the proper group or subgroup. Therefore the students need to choose the topic for their essay according to the principle of classi­fic­ation, which they employ for writing their essay. Hence, the students should consider the options available to them with regard to different types or methods of classi­fic­ation that they can adopt to categorize various items. Accord­ingly, they should remember that classi­fic­ation could be possible for allocating items based on their functional capabi­lities or structure. However, classi­fying abstract terms that can have varied functional properties or changing the structure would be difficult. Therefore, the students must avoid such classi­fic­ation essay topics for their essay writing. In addition, the common evaluation method must define the classi­fic­ation principal that students can adopt to put different things in certain groups. For example, classi­fying household items according to their utility would require evaluating particular functions of each item in the house and then grouping them according to their use. This will mean that gadgets meant for helping the housewife in the kitchen, like a microwave oven, will be classified under a different heading than the devices like a vacuum cleaner, which has the functionof cleaning the whole house. However, while writing a classi­fic­ation essay with the above aspects in view, the students should also keep in mind the essay format like uk-essays do, as the tutors expect them to write their essays in the prescribed writing style only. For this purpose the students can refer to term paper help. Several topics for writing classi­fic­ation essays are given below for the students to expand, while they can find more from essay samples to select those topics.

Classi­fic­ation of historical events

Such classi­fic­ation essay topics use first, second and sometimes the third type of classi­fic­ation, which can divide the events in groups and subgroups. For example, the first type of classi­fic­ation would be the events that affected theUSA. The second one would be placing the events in a chrono­logical order. The third type could be classi­fying the events according to the results that such events have left for the future genera­tion. As this is a resear­ch-­based exercise, the students can look at any custom research paper for this purpose.

Rating hotel accomm­odation and other facilities

This topic would require narrowing down to a particular classi­fic­ation principal only. Therefore, it can be rating the hotels as per the stars allocated to them, or according to the type of accomm­odation they provide. The other basis of classi­fic­ation could be according to the facilities that these hotels provide, apart from the room accomm­oda­tion, like outdoor entert­ainment programs and sights­eeing facili­ties. As the above topic explains the applic­ation of a principal for writing such essays, students should pick classi­fic­ation essay topics­┬áthat need evalua­tion, using only one uniform method.