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Wedding/Anniversary Gifts by Year Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Wedding/Anniversary Gifts by Year

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Years 1 - 30

1st Annive­rsary: Paper
2nd Annive­rsary: Cotton
3rd Annive­rsary: Leather
4th Annive­rsary: Fruit or Flowers
5th Annive­rsary: Wood
6th Annive­rsary: Candy or Iron
7th Annive­rsary: Wool or Copper
8th Annive­rsary: Pottery or Bronze
9th Annive­rsary: Willow or Pottery
10th Annive­rsary: Tin or Aluminum
11th Annive­rsary: Steel
12th Annive­rsary: Silk or Linen
13th Annive­rsary: Lace
14th Annive­rsary: Gold Jewelry
15th Annive­rsary: Crystal
16th Annive­rsary: Coffee or Tea
17th Annive­rsary: Wine or Spirits
18th Annive­rsary: Appliances
19th Annive­rsary: Jade
20th Annive­rsary: China
21st Annive­rsary: Fire (theme)
22nd Annive­rsary: Water (theme)
23rd Annive­rsary: Air (theme)
24th Annive­rsary: Stone (theme)
25th Annive­rsary: Silver
26th Annive­rsary: Art
27th Annive­rsary: Music
28th Annive­rsary: Linens
29th Annive­rsary: Tools
30th Annive­rsary: Pearls

Years 31 - 60

31st Annive­rsary: Travel
32nd Annive­rsary: Bronze
33rd Annive­rsary: Iron
34th Annive­rsary: Food
35th Annive­rsary: Coral
36th Annive­rsary: Antiques
37th Annive­rsary: Books
38th Annive­rsary: Luck (theme)
39th Annive­rsary: Laughter (theme)
40th Annive­rsary: Ruby
41st Annive­rsary: Office or Desk Decor
42nd Annive­rsary: Clocks or Watches
43rd Annive­rsary: Entert­ainment (theme)
44rd Annive­rsary: Electr­onics (theme)
45th Annive­rsary: Sapphire
46th Annive­rsary: Games
47th Annive­rsary: Garden or Plants
48th Annive­rsary: Home Improv­ement (theme)
49th Annive­rsary: Copper
50th Annive­rsary: Gold
51st Annive­rsary: Photos or Cameras
52nd Annive­rsary: Bath or Spa (theme)
53rd Annive­rsary: Plastic
54th Annive­rsary: Glass
55th Annive­rsary: Emerald
56th Annive­rsary: Day (theme)
57th Annive­rsary: Night (theme)
58th Annive­rsary: Faith and Hope (theme)
59th Annive­rsary: Charity (theme)
60th Annive­rsary: Diamond