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Website: Optimization Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Checklist of tasks for optimizing website

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Google Page Speed score of 90+*
    Google Page Speed
Yahoo YSlow score of 85+
    Yahoo's YSlow
Optimize HTTP headers
Optimize images
    PNGGauntlet for Windows
    Image Optim for Mac


Follow best practi­ces
    ASafaaWeb security analyzer
    OWASP Top 10 project
    OWASP Cheat Sheets
    CWE/SANS Top 25
Cross-site script­ing
    XSS cheat sheet
    DOM based XSS cheat sheet
    Free XSS scanner
Cross-site request forgery
    Explanation and walkth­rough
    CSRF cheat sheet
Secure connection (SSL)
    Setup SSL on IIS 7
    Setup SSL on Apache
    SSL Server Test
HTTP Strict Transport Security
    MDN Overview
    OWASP Overview
Enable Content Security Policy
    Content Security Policy
    MDN Guide
    OWASP Overview
    CSP Tester

Website Optimi­zation

Search Engine Optimi­zation (SEO)

SenSEO score of 85+
    SenSEO for Firefox
Google Rich Snippets
    Online tester
    Getting started
    robots.txt tutorial
    Create robots.txt online
XML sitemap
    Create sitemap online


Uptime monito­ring
    Uptime robot
Traffic analysis
    Google Analytics

Social Media

Open Graph protocol
    Open Graph protocol reference
Twitter Cards
Facebook Insights
    Facebook Insights