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Website: Best Practices Checklist Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Best practises for developing a website

Best Practices

Fix broken links
    W3C link checker
    iWebTool Broken Link Checker
Spelling and grammar
    Writing Style
    Word Variations e.g. UK vs US
Check website in all browsers
Decide on www-su­bdo­main score of 'B'
    Handle 'www' in web.config


Mobile OK score of 75+
    W3C mobile checker
Use 'viewport' meta-tag
    Don’t Forget the Viewport Meta Tag
    Make your website mobile friendly
Use correct input types
    Input type: Email, Url, Phone
    Diving in to HTML5 forms
Manual check using emulat­ors
    Online media query tester
    6 free mobile emulators
    Opera Mobile Emulator
Test using real devices
    Use Open Device Labs to test multiple devices


HTML5 compat­ibility check
    Compat Inspector
    Modernizr JS library
Custom 404 page
    A more useful 404
    Real Favicon Generator
    Favicon Cheat Sheet
Use friendly URLs
    11 best practices for URLs
    URL rewriting in IIS
    URL rewrite in Apache
Print-friendly CSS
    Set up a print stylesheet
Add search feature
    Google Custom Search
    Consider 'Open Search'
Environment Integr­ation
    Safari on iOS
    Internet Explorer on Windows
    Windows 8 Tiles


Add meaning with structured data reference
Check the semant­ics
    W3C semantic extractor
    Google Structured Data Testing Tool
    Facebook OpenGraph Debugger
    Twitter Card Validator

Code quality

HTML valida­tion
    W3C HTML validator
    Dr. Watson
CSS valida­tion
    W3C CSS validator
Run CSS Lint
    Run CSS Lint online
Run JSLint­/JS­Hint
    Run JSLint online
    Run JSHint online
World ready
    W3C i18n checker
Automated testing


Accessibility valida­tion
    Common problems and solutions
    IDI Web Access­ibility Checker
    Test using a screen reader
Color contrast
    Check color contrast online
WAI-ARIA Landma­rks
    Using WAI-ARIA Landmarks
    Guide to WAI-ARIA
    Practical examples