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Ways Personalized Marketing Campaigns Are Winning Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Ways Personalized Marketing Campaigns Are Winning

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Generic campaigns targeting the majority of a target audience don’t typically work as well as those that are more indivi­dua­lized. That’s why many brands are engaging in person­alized marketing, with some getting especially impressive results.

. They make in-store shopping more relevant

People often view online shopping as an option that allows them to get the items they need as conven­iently as possible. Brands with physical locations focus on making experi­ences more pleasant and appealing to people who shop in-store

Target uses person­alized marketing to bring more relevance to shopping trips. Its mobile app uses inform­ation about store layout and product locations for custom messages. The app also allows customers to get inform­ation they need without hunting down in-store employees.

2. They help people get better getaways

Traveling is fun, but it requires a signif­icant amount of planning. Some people get stressed at the mere thought of how many things they need to organize before reaching their destin­ations.

3. Encourage desirable consumer behavior

Site content and email marketing comprise certain kinds of person­alized marketing. For example, people who visit online pet supply stores, and shop for dog food, might see pop-up ads for buy-on­e-g­et-­one­-free offers on partic­ipating brands.

4. They reap the rewards of weathe­r-r­elated data

REI, one of the most recognized outdoor lifestyle brands, used weathe­r-based person­ali­zation for ski instru­ction advert­ise­ments. Marketers made three different versions of the same ad, and served specific ones based on shopper location, weather condit­ions, and whether a person had taken an REI ski class before.

The brand also automa­tically sent Facebook ads to users depending on weather, and how it affected skiing. If the forecast predicted ideal conditions for skiing, REI would show an advert­isement featuring a live snow cam at a nearby resort. Conver­sely, if the weather wasn’t suitable for skiing, people would see ads encour­aging them to start shopping at REI to make sure they had the proper gear when conditions improved.

5. They emphasize scarcity and uniqueness

Although most person­alized marketing campaigns rely on data mining to appeal to customers, others tie into seasonal trends and people’s natural desires to find one-of­-a-kind items for gift-g­iving occasions.