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Tips for Nurses Using Social Media Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Tips for Nurses Using Social Media

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Social networks and the Internet provide unpara­lleled opport­unities for rapid knowledge exchange and dissem­ination among many people, but this exchange does not come without risk. Nurses and nursing students have an obligation to understand the nature, benefits, and conseq­uences of partic­ipating in social networking of all types. Online content and behavior has the potential to enhance or undermine not only the individual nurse’s career, but also the nursing profession
Source: ANA American Nurses Associ­ation


1. Nurses must not transmit or place online indivi­dually identi­fiable patient inform­ation.
2. Nurses must observe ethically prescribed profes­sional patient — nurse bounda­ries.
3. Nurses should understand that patients, collea­gues, instit­utions, and employers may view postings.
4. Nurses should take advantage of privacy settings and seek to separate personal and profes­sional inform­ation online.
5. Nurses should bring content that could harm a patient’s privacy, rights, or welfare to the attention of approp­riate author­ities. 6. Nurses should partic­ipate in developing instit­utional policies governing online conduct.

6 Tips to Avoid Problems

1. Remember that standards of profes­sio­nalism are the same online as in any other circum­stance.
2. Do not share or post inform­ation or photos gained through the nurse-­patient relati­onship.
3. Maintain profes­sional boundaries in the use of electronic media. Online contact with patients blurs this boundary.
4. Do not make dispar­aging remarks about patients, employers or co-wor­kers, even if they are not identi­fied.
5. Do not take photos or videos of patients on personal devices, including cell phones.
6. Promptly report a breach of confid­ent­iality or privacy

Benefiting from Networking

Networking is a great way to make personal connec­tions and build relati­onships with other nursing profes­sionals “in the trenches,” so you can share tips and advice, lean on each other for support, and commis­erate. After all, although it’s a very fulfilling vocation, sometimes nursing can take a physical and emotional toll on you – something to which only fellow nurses can completely relate.

Nursing Social Media

Important of Social Media for Nurses