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The LIFT Model Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


The LIFT Model provides a conversion optimi­zation framework showing the Six Conversion Factors that allow you to evaluate landing pages from the perspe­ctive of the page visitor.

1. Value Propos­ition

The model shows that the vehicle that provides the potential for the Conversion Rate is the Value Propos­ition, making it the most important of the six conversion factors. The other five factors are either conversion drivers or inhibi­tors.

2. Relevance

Does the landing page relate to what the visitor thought they were going to see?

The Relevance of the value propos­ition and context of the source media is critical. Your page must use terms your visitor relates to and be consistent with the incoming link or your visitor will be disori­ented and leave the page

3. Clarity

Does the landing page clearly articulate the value propos­ition and call-t­o-a­ction?

Clarity is the most common of the six that we find marketers struggling with. The two aspects of Clarity that must be analyzed are Design and Content. Designing for Clarity creates an unimpeded “eyeflow”. Content clarity ensures the images and text combine to minimize compre­hension time.

4. Urgency (Conve­rsion Driver)

Is there an indication that the action needs to be taken now?

Urgency has two compon­ents: Internal (or how the visitor is feeling upon arrival) and External (or influences the marketer can introduce to the visitor). While Internal Urgency is generally pre-ex­isting when the visitor arrives on the page; the tone of the presen­tation, offers and deadlines can all influence External Urgency.

5. Anxiety

What are potential misgivings the visitor could have about undert­aking the conversion action?

Anxiety is a function of the Credib­ility you have built with the visitor and the Trust you are asking them to have.

LIFT Model

6. Distra­ction

Are there items on the page that could divert the visitor away the from the goal?

The more visual inputs and action options your visitors has to process, the less likely they are to make a conversion decision. Minimizing distra­ctions like unnece­ssary product options, links and extraneous inform­ation will increase the conversion rate.