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The Five Levels of Customer Service Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

The Five Levels of Customer Service

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Introd­uction: Customer Rating

1. Unacce­ptable – This is bad service at any level. Call it poor, terrible, less than stellar – bottom line is it is unacce­ptable for any reason.
2. Basic – commodity and minimum standards.
3. Good – your customers identify your service as “satis­fac­tory.”
4. World Class – This is a big jump from good. It is beyond satisf­actory. Customers think of your company as great. You create value. Customers compare you with others in your industry.
5. Trademark – Others are compared to you. You are the industry benchmark for great service.

Take a self-a­sse­ssment.

Each of the following questions is a two-part question. One answer is on a company level and the other is on a personal level. If you do not personally deal with outside customers, take a look at how you service your internal customer. The questions are:
What level of service does your company and you, as an indivi­dual, provide for your customers and clients?
How would you describe yourself based on the above descri­ptive levels of service?
What companies inside of your industry could be assigned to each of these levels of service?
What companies outside of your industry could you assign to each of these levels of service?
What do the companies who have “World Class” and “Trade­mark” (both inside and outside of your industry) do that you could emulate?
If you are not already at the “Trade­mark” level – and very few companies are – what would it take to get you a step closer, or even all of the way there?