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The Criteria for Trusting Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

The criteria for trusting someone

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

1. Compas­sion, pity and love

When a man knows that his friend has compassion and pity for him, he will trust in him and be at peace with regard to troubling him with all of his matters.

2. To know that his friend

To know that his friend, besides loving him, is not forgetful or lazy in taking care of his needs. Rather, he knows that his friend is active and resolved to do it. Because if all of this is not clear, one's trust in him will not be complete, since one knows of his forget­fulness and laziness in attending to his needs.

But, when the one he trusts combines these two traits, great compassion for him and full attendance to his matters, he will trust in him without a doubt.

3. He is Strong

He will not be defeated in whatever he desires, and nothing can prevent him from doing the request of the one who trusts him. Because if he is weak, one cannot fully trust in him, even though it is clear that he is compas­sionate and active, due to the many occasions in which he failed doing things. When one combines these three traits, trusting in him will be more fitting.

4. That the one he trusts knows what is beneficial

That the one he trusts knows what is beneficial for him, both for his inner and outer life and also that none of the ways which benefit him or further his welfare are hidden to him. Because, if he does not know all of this, one will not be at peace in entrusting himself to him. But if he combines the knowledge of the ways which are beneficial to him, the ability to implement them, great attendance to them, and compassion for him, his trust will certainly be streng­thened.


5. That the one he trusts exclus­ively cares

That the one he trusts is under the exclusive care of him from the beginning of his existence, his develo­pment, babyhood, childhood, youth, adulthood, old age until the end of his days (i.e. that no one else has ever done to him any good except the one he trusts - ML). And when all this is clear to the truster, he is obligated to be at peace on his friend, and to rely on him, because of the many past benefits he already received from his friend and the constant favors he still presently receives. And this will obligate streng­thening one's trust in him. (since he has been contin­uously benevolent to him from then until now, certainly he will not abandon him until his final end - PL)

6. All matters of the truster are the the hands of

All matters of the truster are entirely in the hands of the one he trusts, and no one else can hurt him, help him, benefit him, or protect him from harm, as a slave chained down in a prison is entirely in the hands of his master. If the truster were in the hands of the one he trusts in this manner, it would be more fitting to trust in him.

7. The person trusted is absolutely generous

That the person he trusts is absolutely generous and kind (i.e. the most possible extreme of generosity and kindness - TL) to those deserving and to those who are not deserving, and that his generosity and kindness is contin­uous, never ending and without interr­uption.