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The Case Against the Media Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

Serious issues that plague & taint the media

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Summary of the main points discussed in an article published in the New York Magazine. "The Case Against the Media. By the Media".

Each issue is discuss with a link to a full presen­tation on the issue. Surpri­singly, honest assess­ment.

Main Points

1. News is an entert­ainment business, even if it pretends otherwise.
2. So it doesn't know how to handle serious issues.
3. Gets addicted to conflict.
4. And reduces complexity to comfor­table narrat­ives,
6. It is desperate to be respected, which is a kind of blindness
7. Journa­lists are easily bored, especially by good news.
8. Unfort­unate, so are readers who are hard wired for panic,
9. Journa­lists are deluded.
10. And think popular opinion is everyt­hing.
11. And are completely making compro­mising deals.
12. And often think they know the story already
13. And operate in a business climate no longer protected from market forces.
14. But the media is also clueless about its audience (and country)
15. Nobody bothered to study it closely.
16. Reporters are too transfixed by the spectacle.
17. Whoever the subject the media can be cruel.
18. The press can be horrible to women even when it's trying to be kind
19. And lascivious
20. It also loses interest very quickly.
21. Then there's the problem of object­ivity.
22. Plus general media ignorance
23. Which helps all-out charlatans flourish
24. Plus general media ignorance.
25. The media's lost power and coziness with its subjects help the celebrity industrial complex
26. And political machines
27. And big business
28. And startups too
29. Who owns things is a major problem, too.
29. Which has a massive effect on what media we see.
30. Social media rules everything now.
31. And yet it has reinvi­gorated things.
33. Mostly by giving people what they want.

The Problem of Media