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The 7 Pillars of Classroom Wisdom Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

he 7 Pillars of Classroom Wisdom for Lifelong Learning

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


Below are 7 pieces of timeless classroom wisdom that embody what lifelong learning means. These tenets will guide you and your students toward a unific­ation of goals for achieving better learning in and beyond the class.

Ask essential questions

Here’s the one piece of classroom wisdom that will always benefit students. Being a lifelong learner means always being willing to ask essential and meaningful questions. These are the questions that drive learners to practice deep thinking and to search for knowledge that matters. Deep questi­oning leads to except­ional thinking when answers lead to more questions and more in-depth inquiry.

Embrace mistakes

At some point, every learner will make a mistake. Depending on where the student is at personally and academ­ically, it may seem like the end of the world to them. However, it’s actually a beginning of sorts. Every student in every classroom has the right to be able to learn from errors, and to know that mistakes don’t define us—what we do with them does. Be sure to support “useful failure” in your teaching.

Lift up others

Part of mainta­ining a safe learning enviro­nment is encour­aging your learners to be supportive peers. In a classroom of diverse and unique indivi­duals, everyone will both triumph and struggle repeat­edly. Some will learn faster than others and some will doubt themselves more. In the end, you are all there to learn. Showing support for each other in tough times makes that journey more rewarding.

Open your mind and heart

We often say that the Essential Fluencies aren’t about hardware, but rather about headware and heartware. Lifelong learners always use the head and heart in equal measure, and keep both wide open to new discov­eries and experi­ences. The classroom wisdom you give your learners here is this: be open to transf­orm­ation. It comes through the process of learning, unlear­ning, and learning all over again.

The 7 Pillars of Classroom Wisdom

Value teamwork

One of the hallmarks of modern learning is the ability to collab­orate with real and virtual partners. Many hands make light work—and in the case of your learners, more enjoyable work as well. Collab­oration Fluency is a process full of classroom wisdom on building lifelong learning skills through stellar teamwork. Make it part of your daily practices to find ways for your learners to explore group work.

Stay curious

The day we stop being curious is indeed the day we stop learning. Life will present us with choices as to how we react to occurr­ences and situations that shape that journey. Our students are on a journey of learning in school that continues well beyond the classroom walls. A healthy and positive curiosity mindset is the greatest gift we can give them to continue that journey with.

Be globally minded

The Global Digital Citizen unders­tands that we can govern technology for the benefit of both ourselves and others. It is a citizen that views the world as an interc­onn­ected community. Additi­onally, they realize we share techno­logical and human experi­ences regardless of culture, status, or politi­cal­/re­ligious beliefs. These are the kinds of citizens we work for our students to become. And it begins in your classroom.