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The 12 Principles of Collaboration Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

The 12 Principles of Collaboration

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.


The 12 Principles are based on sociol­ogical principles and offer a framework for creating and sustaining vibrant web commun­ities. These principles are also a tool to help community producers remain rooted in their community vision while making strategic or tactical decisions. Finally, they provide a method­ology for figuring out community functi­onality priori­ties.

The 12 Principles provide a common vocabulary and a broad vision for what any successful community requires. Only by viewing community through the lens of human intera­ction can we begin to see how technology choices facilitate or hinder online commun­ity­-bu­ilding efforts. Once we’ve establ­ished the underlying human qualities that drive our coming together online, the 12 Principles give us a unifying view of the otherwise disparate techno­logies required to support and enable such online commun­ities.

The 12 Principles of Collab­oration

1) Purpose: We have a shared goal or interest.
2) Identity: We know who’s who.
3) Reputa­tion: We recognize and build status based on our actions.
4) Govern­ance: We agree that our behavior can be regulated according to shared or stated values.
5) Commun­ica­tion: We have ways to share inform­ation and ideas.
6) Groups: We can relate to each other in smaller numbers.
7) Enviro­nment: We interact in a shared space that is approp­riate to our goals.
8) Bounda­ries: We know who belongs and who doesn’t.
9) Trust: We know with whom we’re dealing and that it’s safe to do so.
10) Exchange: We can trade knowledge, support, goods, services, and ideas.
11) Expres­sion: We have a group identity and know what other members are doing. We can easily indicate our prefer­ences and opinions.
12) History: We can look back over our history and track our evolution.

The 12 Principles of Collab­oration