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Ten Principles of Highly Ethical Business Leaders Cheat Sheet (DRAFT) by [deleted]

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

Ten Principles

1. Treat all employees as unique indivi­duals.
Don’t reduce people to a utility — a means to accomplish your ends.

2. Support each person’s freedom to grow and develop.
Never view anyone through stereo­types, or as fixed and unchan­geable.

3. Commun­icate to people by name with respect.
Never use hurtful labels or refer to a person by his or her job function.

4. Model and encourage a balanced life of good work and rest.
Don’t make long-term demands on employees that undermine balanced lives.

5. Honor and respect families of others.
Don’t forget that each person lives in a broader context beyond his or her work.

6. Value life, safety, and health.
Work processes or products should not create unnece­ssary risk or harm.

7. Keep your promises.
Don’t violate written or verbal commit­ments, or look for loopholes to do so.

8. Be fair and just in financial matters.
Don’t tolerate unfair wages, prices, or financial practices.

9. Commun­icate honestly and truthf­ully.
Never misrep­resent people, products, services, or facts.

10. Recognize the accomp­lis­hments of others.
Don’t claim the success of others for yourself.